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RFID Chips In Windshields


RFID: Now it’s really simple to detect illegal cars with the help of RFID tags. This discovery has made anti-fraud detection possible in all sorts of other businesses as well.

Bolivia has made RFID chips mandatory on every car. The government allowed gas stations to read those tags for catching registration scofflaws and other bad guys.

Almost all cars need gas to run so that people driving without registration cannot afford to avoid the pump. The gas stations check the RFID tag of every car and if anyone is found without the tag, police are alerted. They are also alerted if the tag fails to match the vehicle or the license plate. The owner of the vehicle will be questioned to find out if there is any error.

Bolivia found 12,000 vehicles using illegal duplicate plates. The new technology is expanding nationwide. It’s easy to find RFID tags between $5-$25 ranges. The robust version is available for $50-$100 range.  The readers are also not really expensive. It’s affordable for gas stations. Government can also easily install them.

 According to calculations, there are around 750,000 cars in Bolivia and 12,000 illegal cars. US states can use the idea to identify late registrations, spot unregistered vehicles, and find cars that are reportedly stolen (because removing the tag doesn't save your car from being impounded, and changing it requires you to register the tag to the car).

RFID tags can be used outside cars also. Gartner says that by 2020 we'll be able to "connect" every device in one way or another for $1. Imagine how comfortable it will be when you can identify things that belong to you by walking past a scanner.

RFID tags can be used in shirts. You can have the reader report if every shirt consists of tags and someone comes into a store wearing untagged clothing. RFID tags can be used to spot pharmaceutical fraud.  Many people use RFID tags for windshields for fleet management and in inventory control of in-house computing resources.

People with special care can use RFID in their bracelets which could alert hospitals in case of emergency. RFID tags in golf clubs help to alert golf course to people with VIP status. RFID becomes crucial for cars based on the fact that it depends on gas. Not every object is dependent like that.


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RFID Chips In Windshields
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