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Pune School Buses Gets CCTV Cameras, GPS to Improve Student Safety


In light of two threatening incidents that happened in 2014 regarding student safety, school authorities in Pune decided to hire woman school bus attendants.

Sanskriti School, one of the leading schools in Pune, took an extra effort in assuring student safety by installing CCTV cameras and GPS in all its school buses. Through these preventive measures, the school is trying to rub off its black mark created years back.

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The school also organized counseling sessions by a school counsellor, to counsel school bus drivers on the appropriate ways of behaving with the children as well as parents. Also, for the past 10 years, for improving the safety and security of students, they have appointed only women school bus conductors.

Devyani Mungali, principal of Sanskriti school, claims that all the three branches of school have dedicated staffs to monitor CCTVs constantly, which is headed by a retired Army officer. She also said that there are four people appointed in each transport department to keep track of the routes taken by drivers and speed limit of the drivers.

Mungali admitted that the measures taken by them improved their transport system, thereby, increasing trust of parents in school transportation.

For installing each CCTV and GPS system, the school spent Rs 9500 and Rs 5500 respectively. Narayan Yallakar, a school bus driver, said that it is a good move towards student safety and he thinks that it is a good idea for other schools to follow the same.


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Pune School Buses Gets CCTV Cameras, GPS to Improve Student Safety
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