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Pune RTO Seizes 77 School Buses and Vans for Flouting Safety Norms


The Pune RTO conducted a drive on dec 20 against errable vehicles carrying schoolchildren in the city. Out of 150 vehicles, 77 were found violating safety norms imposed by the transport body.

Sanjay Raut, Deputy regional transport officer, informed that school buses and vans were not only violating school bus guidelines but also failed to install essential safety equipments.

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Raut added that almost all the school vehicles in Pune are being monitored and still there are around 200 vehicles to inspect. Also, it was decided to suspend permits of those vehicles violating safety norms for two to three months.

According to RTO report, out of 2,858 school vehicles, about 2500 were inspected and provided with fitness certificates.

Many parents claimed that this suprise drive caused a lot of trouble to them as they need to rush to pick up their child from school. They have no idea whether the school bus will arrive in the coming days to pick up their child. This will also poses threat to many drivers who earn income from ferrying school students.


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Pune RTO Seizes 77 School Buses and Vans for Flouting Safety Norms
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