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How to Prevent Illegal Passing of School Buses

Illegal passing of school buses is a dominant school bus safety concern. Of course, passing a school bus is a notable traffic violation, it is against the law in several areas, but the penalties vary from one place to another. However, it poses a genuine threat to school bus students.

Illegal passing: the rising issue

Nevertheless, every school bus driver is facing challenges in safely transporting school bus students due to the faults performed by other drivers. The illegal passing issue is rising each year. As per the survey conducted by Florida state, it is found to have a 16% increase in the illegal passing cases.

School buses are still the safest means of transporting students. Presumably, as per the annual reports, an average of 4-5 students are killed every year, especially while getting on and off the school bus. Ordinarily, school bus students are exposed to accidents during the entry and exit process. And thus, illegal passing of school buses becomes a threatening issue.

How to overcome it?

Lowering the number of illegal passing of stopped school buses is practically demanding. Consequently, the only remedy to this troublesome issue is the collaboration and association of diversified groups, such as school bus drivers, motorists, prosecutors, cops, and judicial officers. They will ensure that traffic laws are obliged, violations are stated, and the law is imposed.

Furthermore, the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services is initiating immense efforts to the practice of illegal passing. As a result of this constant effort, they issued a resolution in 2010 for instituting the national survey, which highlight the consequences of illegal passing.

The witness can report the incident whenever they discover a vehicle illegally passing the school bus, ignoring the extended stop arms and flashing lights. As per the law, motorists should stop their vehicle, whenever a school bus is picking up or dropping children. And, different states also sanction laws to increase the amount of penalty for the traffic violation. However, the law and punishments vary from state to state.

Moreover, the modern cameras installed in the school bus captures the traffic violations and thus assist you to catch offenders effortlessly. Arguably, the latest innovations in technology provides an immense support for ensuring school bus safety.

As a citizen, you can perform the following actions:

  • Report immediately to the law enforcement officials either by phone or direct interaction
  • Provide details of the violation (model of the vehicle, colour, and number plate of the vehicle)
  • Briefly describe the driver if possible
  • Provide a brief account regarding the date, location and time of the violation
  • Able to answer the following queries:

        1. Was the vehicle being passed a school bus or labelled only as “school bus”?

        2.  Did you notice the upper red lights of the school bus flashing?

        3.  Was the school bus stopped completely?

        4. Were the students boarding or descending the school bus?

        5. Was the vehicle passing from the front or behind the school bus?

As a matter of fact, illegal passing of school buses is found to be an important traffic violation. It endangers the safety of school bus students. Regrettably, a multitude of accidents occurs while picking up and dropping the students. Hence, illegal passing poses an enormous threat and challenge to school bus students. As a consequence, preventing it at the earliest can ensure student safety and thus partnering with the law enforcement authorities can be an excellent solution.

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