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Parent’s Alertness Saves Students on the School Bus


It was reported that about 20 school children were saved by a parent, whose alert eyes went on one of the rear wheels of the school bus.  

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Rakesh Singh, a resident of Chutia, found that four of the six nut bolts were loose and was about to come off any moment. He screamed and stopped the school bus.

After some minutes, Bishop Westcott School for Boys, did sent an alternative bus to pick up students. When parents queried about this, school authorities indifferently said that it was normal for a school bus to run on loose wheels.

Most of the parents are shocked with this reply and are rethinking about sending their children to the school bus. While some are relieved and thanked Singh for his alertness, which made their children safe.

Bishop Wescott's transport manager, D.P. Vij, claimed that there was no problem with the bus and it was made huge unnecessarily by parents.


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Parent's Alertness Saves Students on the School Bus
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