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Over half of Gramin Sewa vehicles lack GPS


New Delhi:  It had been more than five years since Gramin Sewa—vehicles were launched by Transport Department. However, more than half the vehicles still lack GPS. Out of 5,000, almost 3,000 don't have a working GPS. Vehicle owners have been given the deadline of 15 days, if they fail to repair the device, their permits will be cancelled.

"Recently, it was found that 3,151 Gramin Sewa vehicles have faulty GPS devices. The vehicle owners have now been given a fortnight to get the devices repaired and installed, or else their permits will be cancelled," said a senior government official.

GPS became mandatory since the Gramin Sewa vehicles were introduced. Data of transport department reveals that there are vehicles without functional GPS functioning in the city for more than a year now.

GPS has been made mandatory in public transports like buses, autos, taxis and Gramin Sewa, yet most of them lack functional devices. Officials confirm that functioning GPS is available only for less than half the 4,500-strong fleet of the DTC. 

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Over half of Gramin Sewa vehicles lack GPS
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