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Online Pledge Campaign- An Effort to Remove “Country with the Deadliest Roads” Tag

As part of improving road safety, a global safety science organization named 'Underwriters' Laboratory' launches an online pledge campaign to change dangerous driving behavior in India.

'Safety First' Campaign compels every social media users to pledge that safety should be given more priority than anything. And to follow road safety rules which are against drunken driving, underage driving, and over speeding. The campaign also promotes the use of helmets, seat belts, and give way to emergency vehicles such as ambulances.

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The pledge, which is shareable on leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. teaches people about the consequences they need to face for practising unsafe driving. R.A Venkitachalam, vice president of Public Safety Mission, said that the campaign primarily focus on bringing positive changes to the driver's behavior on the road.


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