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No Need of Teacher’s Supervision in School Buses, says CBSE


Teachers in CBSE schools are now able to carry out their teaching task well, without meddling in other activities such as supervising students in buses, canteens or corridor areas.

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The central board will strictly make sure that teachers do not engage in the aforesaid activities. In addition to this, the board has revised rules for 'manpower on bus' and warned that no one should compel teachers to stay with the kids throughout the school bus trip.

Based on the new guidelines, every school should appoint a woman guard or attendant for ensuring student safety in a school bus.

A school principal from Nagpur said that their schools will always have a teacher on the bus who get down at the last stop along with a women attendant, who is appointed by bus contractors. Hence, he informed that school students are safe in their bus.

Another school principal said that one school teacher will accompany students in a bus for student safety. Also, they plan bus routes in such a way that teachers alight at the last stop.

CBSE directed school authorities to appoint a separate trained staff for monitoring students in canteen, corridor etc.


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No Need of Teacher's Supervision in School Buses, says CBSE
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