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How to Maintain Proper Discipline Inside the School Bus?


A school bus with a multitude of kids is a breeding place of chaos and bullying behaviours if not monitored properly. School authorities can sanction strict measures for the purpose of controlling and maintaining discipline among school bus students. 

Physical punishment is a facile, unethical, and ruled out practice for instigating school bus discipline. And, hence the need for a conscious effort to engage students and making them responsible for their own action sounds apt for maintaining discipline. Various measures can be taken to maintain discipline inside the school bus.

1. Teach them the safety rules

Safety rules to practice while on the road and in the bus should be taught to the kids either as part of the curriculum or otherwise. It is wise to teach them right from the young age. You can introduce such concepts as games, plays and fun activities. Such methods can be efficient as children  grasp the knowledge with the least effort.  

2. Keep the staff well-informed and how to handle emergencies

Like children, the school bus staff also needs to ascertain regular awareness sessions on traffic rules and regulations and school bus safety. Also, it is crucial to check the credentials of the school bus staff to ensure safety of children. A disciplined staff can handle the discipline issue among children while on the school bus with ease. 

3. Display the rules of safety and discipline on the school bus 

Nevertheless, it is wise to display the rules and regulations concerning school bus safety and discipline at a noticeable place inside the school bus for the students to read and fathom properly. Emergency numbers for contact and procedure should also be displayed properly. Consequently, visual representations to instill the safety and discipline measures are also a tried and proven method for impelling proper discipline among students while on the school bus.

4.  Consider entry and exit points

Children should form a queue while at the bus stop to enter the bus and also while exiting the bus. Rushing and shoving one another should be avoided at all costs. School bus staff should also allocate sufficient time for the kids to board/ exit the bus. This will avoid unnecessary rush and hassles. Also, it is wise to allow the younger children to board the bus first. 

While exiting, it is advisable to allow the older children first, since they can handle the emergency issues in an exception way. Meanwhile, younger children need a helping hand and the attender should always attend to their needs. Special children should also be allowed to enter/ exit the bus with proper assistance and care. 

5. Ask the students to keep the mp3 volumes lower

Most kids while on the bus tend to listen to their iPod or mp3 players. Direct them to keep the volumes lower or avoid the use of such devices so that it will not hinder the external noises or voices in an emergency. Playing loud music while on a school bus is also to be avoided if possible so as to avoid possible distractions for the drivers.

6. Be strict to avoid bullying on the school bus

Ordinarily, bullying students is an unethical and unacceptable behaviour and to be taken seriously at all times, whether in the school premises, school bus or outside. Such negative traits can well develop into serious crimes in adulthood and often be the cause of more serious consequences. Not only students, now days even teachers are subjected to bullying and racial criticisms while on the school bus.  Even the bus staff are not immune to such pathetic behaviour of students.                        

Remember the viral video showing the bullying of the bus attendant by seventh graders on a school bus in the US. Only after the video became viral, local police authorities and school management initiated action. It was disheartening that a student recorded it and uploaded it in Facebook thinking it was funny enough. Teaching the students to be empathetic towards the fellow beings on earth is the only way to avoid such issues. 

7. Gain the parents' support

Parental support can go a long way in solving issues of discipline while on the school bus. Allowing parents, who can volunteer to travel along with the bus staff in the school bus can be a merit, as the staff will not be victimized without reason. Conversely, this will ensure the students are being watched for and cared for and thus become protected from abuses.

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How to Maintain Proper Discipline Inside the School Bus?
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