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KSRTC Hand Outs Real-time Data to App Developers by End of January


 By the end of January, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation(KSRTC) agreed to share real-time information to app developers and researchers.

KSRTC thus becomes the first ever government run transport corporations of India to provide an open source platform. This decision is taken since numerous app developers and researchers approached KSRTC to enclose data on vehicle movements, their schedules, and other related information.

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Rajender Kumar Kataria, Managing Director of KSRTC, informed that now developers will only get static data without KSRTC's approval.

Kataria also mentioned that startups and other companies can employ the data in order to forge new services. For fulfilling  this data sharing policy, a draft report entitled ‘Open Transport Data Assessment-Mysore’ has been made. Also he said that the scheme  undergoes various checks on quality assurance before launching it at the end of January 2017.

Kataria states that the real time data is useful not only for passengers but also for educational institutions to conduct research on future use of State public transport.


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KSRTC Hand Outs Real-time Data to App Developers by End of January
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