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Did You Know That Adopting a GPS Tracking System Can Save You Lots of Money?

Yes! You read it right. Tracking your school bus fleet or vehicle feet using a GPS vehicle tracking system can not only help you to keep track of the vehicles and ensure child safety, but also helps you reduce expenses.

According to a survey conducted recently in the US, it has been found out that having a GPS tracker fitted in a vehicle fleet can help the owner save at least $5,484 per employee per year. The amount saved is in terms of labour and fuel costs.

More than tracking..

GPS tracking these days is not just about tracking the location of a vehicle. You can get a wide range of information regarding every vehicle of the fleet using a GPS tracker, thus helping you to analyse and save money to a great extent.

The School Bus Tracker App by Edsys integrated with a GPS tracker comes with the benefit of automatic and error-free routing and planning. This helps you to find the most economical routes possible for your school bus fleet. The above mentioned survey had found out that by finding the most efficient routes, a school can cut short about 231.2 miles of journey per week. This helps to save up to $51,582 from your annual fuel expenses.

The School Bus Tracker App also provides you with a lot of other information such as fuel consumption, distance travelled, etc. Also, you can get real-time updates on over-speeding, unscheduled bus stops and the sort, helping you to act quickly in case of an emergency or an accident. Less amount of damages caused means saving lots of money, isn’t it?

How all does School bus tracking help you to save money?

  • Improves fuel efficiency and child safety by monitoring idling, over speeding and rash driving. Fuel is one of the largest expenses for companies or schools that own vehicle fleet. With the help of GPS vehicle tracking system, you can closely monitor the reasons of increased fuel consumption.
  • By proper planning of optimal routes. While manual routing and planning can be erroneous and inefficient, you can plan routes of the vehicles automatically with GPS vehicle tracking. This helps you to choose the most economical route possible thus cutting down fuel expenses.
  • Keeping track of driver performance. Also, the School Bus Tracker App helps you generate reports on the performance of drivers. This helps in analyzing the performance of the drivers and thereby increases their productivity while cutting down unnecessary labour costs and fuel costs.
  • By allowing you to analyze your resources with the help of reports. You can generate reports on the speed of the vehicles, fuel consumption and the sort with the help of GPS vehicle tracking system. This can give you an idea of the daily use of resources and how you can save money from the operational expenses.

Since GPS vehicle tracking system provides you with real-time updates, it gives you an opportunity to act at the earliest in case of an emergency or an accident of a vehicle from the fleet your school or company owns. This can indeed save you lots of money.

The School Bus Tracker software has a user-friendly interface, designed for any common user to handle it easily. Use School Bus Tracker by Edsys to cut down expenses, efforts and to save lots of time and energy.

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Did You Know That Adopting a GPS Tracking System Can Save You Lots of Money?
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