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Kids hospitalised after School Bus Crash in Manchester


Manchester: After the school bus crashed on Interstate 384 westbound in Manchester, about two dozen of children suffered minor injuries. Bolton Elementary School of East Hartford was carrying 26 children at the time of the crash along with two adults. The crash happened around 4 pm on Tuesday near a construction zone

According to police it is estimated that bus rear-ended a passenger car on the highway. Fire officials said that there was also another car involved in the crash. The accident happened on a working day.

The spokesperson for the bus company confirmed that, the bus operated by the first student, was transporting students from Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) School. The first student is cooperating with the police for conducting internal investigation. Until the investigation completes, driver is removed form duty.

Fire officials said that 25 children on the bus were taken in to the local hospital with minor injuries for treatment. From the passenger cars two adults and one child were hospitalised for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

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Kids hospitalised after School Bus Crash in Manchester
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