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KG Child on Sharjah Roadside Left Alone By the School Bus Driver


Sharjah: Parents of a 4 year old filed a complaint against a private school in Sharjah. According to them, the school’s bus driver dropped their child by the roadside, ‘Al Bayan’ newspaper reports.

The child was left in the roadside where no one was waiting for him. This caused the child to panic and cry.

The father confirmed that a woman saw the child and took details from him.  “She contacted me and I rushed to the place and then filed a case against the school,” he said.

The parents stated that the school management changes the driver often and the new driver was unaware about the addresses of students.

“My son doesn’t know the real address of our house and pointed the driver to near Zulekha Hospital,” the dad says.

The dad said that the school management paid a visit to their home and made a formal apology for the incident.

“But I called the Ministry of Education to impose the law that obliges private school to assign supervisors in school buses,” he said.

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