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Kentucky girl, 7, dragged by school bus after backpack catches in door

Kentucky: After her backpack was caught in doors of the school bus, Kentucky girl was dragged down the road. She skipped along the Louisville asphalt for about 100 yards helplessly on Friday. According to media reports, a red Chevrolet Camaro raced to her aid honking frantically to get the bus driver’s attention.

The shoes and pants of the 7 year old are badly ripped off during the frightening struggle. The girl has just been dropped off at a baby sitters house when the driver drove off. The little girl was kicking and falling down the street.

“She was just screaming and kicking, and we were afraid,” student Tyshon Smith, who’d just gotten off another bus, told WLKY. “We were all looking at each other like, ‘Did that just really happen?’”

Brian Burlison, the baby sitter of the child was waiting outside for the girl. He ran after the bus when he saw what was really happening.

The bus kept going until the Camaro came for the rescue of the child. Mother of the 7 year old is also a school bus driver. She was horrified by the news.

“Her shoes got ripped off. Her pants got ripped off,” Burlison told WLKY. “It was just horrible to see her like that on the ground.”

The school bus driver whose name is not released is under investigation.

Neighbour Tom Carman, caught the incident on his surveillance camera was shocked by the ignorance of he driver.

“I just couldn’t believe (she) drug her from the corner down to here without knowing,” Carman told WAVE 3 News. “I couldn’t believe it — bouncing all the way down the street. It was bad.”

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