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Indian Mother Launches UK Seat Belt Campaign Commemorating Son’s Death


An Indian mother launches seat belt campaign commemorating her son's death in UK. The motive behind this campaign was to feature the importance of seat belts.

Sukhi Agarwal, the aforesaid mother, released a CCTV footage for showing public how seat belt could have saved his son, Amar, from the taxi crash, which happened in May 2015. Later, her son died in a Birmingham hospital. The taxi driver who caused her son's death was jailed for six years due to dangerous driving.

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Agarwal said that her son's death was a huge loss and she didn't want any other death caused by the lack of seat belt. He advises every youngster to wear the seat belt for not experiencing the heartbreak she is suffering till now.

 And as a part of this campaign, the West Midlands Police features a video with the images of Amar and Sukhi to show it during school talks.

Clive Broadhurst, Special Constable, said that this seat belt campaign is a vital step in reinforcing the use of seat belts for road safety. And he congratulated the effort made by Sukhi to share the bitter experience of her before the public.


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Indian Mother Launches UK Seat Belt Campaign Commemorating Son's Death
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