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How to Apply GPS in Classrooms


People had realized the potential of GPS as a School Bus Monitoring System long time ago. As a result, several schools have adopted the School Bus tracking Software integrated with GPS to ensure school bus safety.

However, the chances of GPS playing a significant role in classrooms were not identified until recently. Nowadays, schools encourage learning integrated with technology thus, giving way to GPS in classrooms.

Here are the applications of GPS in classrooms:

Catch students who bunk school

Every school may have their own set of little brats who habitually skip school. GPS technology can be used to catch such students. This has already been implemented in some schools.  

California’s Anaheim Union High School District is one of those schools that started using GPS in 2011 to catch seventh and eighth graders who bunks classes. The students are equipped with a GPS hand held device that they must use to “check-in” five times a day.  Also, the students will get calls from the school on the mornings of every working day. Schools have found this method to be successful since the attendance in classrooms has increased.

Geocaching beyond recreational activity

Geocaching is like a treasure hunt activity that involves GPS devices. The teacher can hide the geocaches, which is a container containing a logbook and some other materials. Details of the location where the geocache is hidden and the coordinates can then be posted in a website. Students can then start their hunt for the caches using GPS devices.

Geocaching comes with some simple rules:

  • Take something from the cache
  • Leave something in the cache
  • Do not place anything hazardous in the cache
  • Record the time when the cache was discovered
  • Respect the nature

Apart from leisure activities, Geocaching is an excellent way for the students to learn about distances, estimation, orientation etc. Also, students can learn in detail about GPS systems, satellites and spaces. Students can also design their own geocaches, thereby introducing themselves to technology.

To have better understanding of subjects

Integrating GPS in learning means more of practical learning. This helps students understand the subjects better.


Using GPS, students can explore historical sites like battle fields, settlements etc. Teachers can include information to connect the places to the historical events that took place there.


Some GPS devices come with a topographic map. Teachers can use these GPS devices to show around specific locations, where students can take note of different geological features in the school campus. Let the students explain about the features and speculate about how they were formed.


Students can plot specific points in a river or a stream close to the school using GPS devices. They can then measure the quality of water at those points and find out the reason behind the change in water quality in different areas.

Students can also use GPS devices to observe different types of trees in the school campus and take note of their species, size, features etc.

Schools have just started blending GPS in their learning practices. For the benefits it offers, GPS seems to have a good future in classrooms. 

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How to Apply GPS in Classrooms
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