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How School Bus Drivers can Avoid Road Rage


Aggressive driving is the reason for 66% traffic fatalities happening around the world. Even you may have experienced it. Not to mention the road rage that follows. Driving at the cost of other lives cannot be accepted and it is of course, an unforgivable offence.

“Anger solves nothing. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything”

If you are a school bus driver, you must be extra careful before thinking of violating traffic rules. Also, be careful not to react if anyone tries to intimidate you. You must realize that the safety of the students lie in your hands. The anger is not going to do you any good.

If you are the victim, here are some tips that may help you to deal with road rage:

Stay calm

Other drivers may try to upset you by saying or doing unpleasant things. Just don’t make eye contact or yell back. If you feel upset or if anger builds up inside you, take deep breaths. Remember that school bus safety is important to you rather than some random stranger who is trying to ruin your day. When the other driver gets a feeling that none of his taunts is affecting you, he will leave you alone.

Be polite

Allow other vehicles to overtake you or to get into your lane, if necessary. You’ll feel good when you help other drivers out. Also, following the traffic rules will keep you safe.

Stay safe

If you feel threatened by the unpleasant actions or words of another driver, note the license plate number, make and model of the other vehicle. This can help you in case of vehicle damage. Also, you can approach the nearest police station with these details for assistance if you are being followed.

Thought of aggressive driving may dominate you at times. Change the way you feel about driving to eliminate the consequences. Here are few tips to keep your road rage under control:

Keep your driving environment peaceful

Listen to soothing music while your drive to keep your road anger under control. A driving environment with positive vibes can make you feel at peace while driving. It can also help you in ignoring road rage by others.

Be on time

It never hurts to be on time. If you are late to drop the students to school or back home, you may feel anxious and impatient. Then you may get angry with other drivers on road or you may resort to aggressive driving. This can put school bus safety at stake. If you are on time, you can remain in peace while you drive.

Look for other routes

If it is a rush hour or if you are passing a construction zone, try to figure out an alternate route to reach your destination. You can do that with the help of a GPS tracker. Short cuts are usually calmer and you won’t get frustrated.

Avoid distractions

Do not do any task that distracts you while you drive. This may include talking on the phone, texting, eating etc. As a result, you may slow down in your lane earning the anger of other drivers. They may honk their horns and there starts an argument.

The road is not all yours

Yes, you do pay road taxes in your country. So do others. The road doesn’t belong to you alone. Others can use it as well. Therefore, always use a road by giving space for others to use it as well.

Improve yourself

If you feel you cannot keep your emotions at bay, you may have a problem. Why not try an anger management course to improve you behaviour?

Remember, one good gesture from your side can save the lives of many! So, keep calm and drive safe.

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How School Bus Drivers can Avoid Road Rage
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