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How Safe is the School Bus for Student Transportation


As you probably know, school bus, one of the safest vehicles on the road is now carefully designed and maintained for better safety. Apart from that, school bus drivers get special training in safety, security and medical procedures. Today they undergo regular health check and alcohol testing as part of safety assurance.

School buses are specifically designed and equipped in a way to carry students safely. It is the only vehicle designed to maximize safety of your children. School buses are constructed to meet strict standards for structural integrity, emergency equipment, fire retardation and crash protection.

The interior of the school bus is designed in a way that protects your children without seat belts. Adding seat belts may not improve safety. Most of the school buses are having the following safety features:

  • Color

You all know that every school bus is painted with yellow colored paint. Do you know the reason behind this? School bus is painted with both yellow and black color to make it more recognizable on the road. Increased recognition makes the nearby traffic to become extra cautious.

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  • Stop Indicators

Whenever your child is picked up or dropped off from the bus, flashing lights are activated along with a stop indicator from the driver. This gives a proper warning to other vehicles on the road and the traffic starts moving only when the lights on your child's school bus are deactivated.

A subsequent amount of fines will be imposed on the person who fails to stop, even if proper indicators are shown.

  • Mirrors and Crossing Arms

If there are people or objects around the school bus, there are devices on the bus that allow drivers to see them. You may have wondered about the use of mirrors placed in the school bus. This is mainly used for, drivers to see 360 degrees around the bus.

Crossing arm is mainly used by drivers to see that students are crossing and thus ensuring that they can be seen whenever the student is in front of the bus.

  • Intelligent Design

As you know, School buses are designed to reduce the impact caused by crashes. Students inside the bus are protected just like a pupae in a cocoon. They are well compartmentalized, surrounded with padding and structural integrity to ensure security. Seats are raised for your protection against impact.

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  • Compartmentalization

Interior of every school bus makes use of compartmentalization design. The purpose behind this design is that it minimizes the impact and injury to your child during a collision.

In this design, seats are made with high backs with padding on the front as well as back from the impact absorbing material. These seats are so closely arranged so as to form compartments for your child's safety.

If a collision were to happen, these compartments would absorb the impact. It will be equally distributed all over the child's body rather than head and neck only. This model is better than the seat belt model.

  • School Bus Drivers

Drivers are well trained to drive and handle various issues while transporting your children. Safety is given the highest priority by them.

School transportation plays a vital role in the lives of your children right from pre-school to high school. Size and weight of the school bus and the safety features designed to it provide adequate protection to your children in a crash.

With the evolution of school bus driver console app , casualties or serious injuries are rare, even though there are a large number of children transported to and from school. We can conclude from the above points that school buses are very safe indeed for student transportation. So, if you aren't sending your school children on school buses yet, now might be a good time to start.

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How Safe is the School Bus for Student Transportation
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