How can Trackschoolbus help Prevent Sexual Harassment on a school bus? School Bus Tracking System with Track School Bus Apps
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How can Trackschoolbus help Prevent Sexual Harassment on a school bus?


In the month of August 2016, a news made it to the front page of most of the national dailies.  The cruelty of the incident was so horrific that it sent shivers to the spine of parents who loved their children. The incident happened in Gurgaon, a technological hub in India. A 4-year-old kid was violated cruelly by the attendant of the school bus in which the poor child used to travel. The most shocking part of this ordeal was that the attendant was trusted so much by the parents of the kids and there were no indication that the attendant whom they trusted was the incarnation of the devil himself. 

The news was indeed a wake up call for parents in India. Parents started worrying about the safety of their beloved child and it rippled all across India. 

Sexual abuse affects and then destroys physical as well as mental health of children in a drastic way. Most commonly, the scars are emotional and can develop into negative traits affecting their life. Every child has equal rights to education as well as a healthy life and any form of abuse affect their ability to enjoy that.

How to tackle this issue?

There is only one solution to end this menace, and that is efficient monitoring. But, how? The answer would be GPS units and CCTV camera inside each and every school bus. With a GPS vehicle tracking system, the school authorities can monitor the situation and can take action in advance to prevent such mishaps. The unit not only sends the user the location, but also sends signals to alert in case of any deviation in the normally charted route. Such red flags can get you time to alert the authorities and take necessary action immediately.

If a GPS unit is coupled with a CCTV camera, the visuals captured inside the school bus can be directly sent to the management as well as parents.  GPS vehicle tracking systems with SMS facilities are also available now. Trackschoolbus offers efficient school bus fleet management which ensures safety of passengers as well as helps the transport managers to optimize their routes and monitor speed limits.

How Trackschoolbus helps

Trackschoolbus combines the positive attributes of GPS and RFID tagging. It is flexible and works well with both web based systems as well as smartphones. Real time information is sent over to parents about the whereabouts of their child and the school bus. Push notifications or SMS messaging is used to pass on information to parents. SMS messaging does not need much server space as the application uses Google cloud messaging feature.

The integrated software can be customized in accordance with the needs of individual schools and provide an effective shield of safety for your children in school buses. GPS tracking as well as RFID reading is built into a single compact unit and it does not occupy much space in your vehicle.  Periodical MIS (Management Information System) reports help the authorities find the erratic driving behaviour of drivers. These reports can be used to identify any possible abusive behaviour with the collaborative efforts of teachers and counsellors.

Preventive Measures

Apart from the preliminary monitoring of the whereabouts of the school bus, there should be background checks on drivers and assisting staff employed in school buses. There should be a constant vigil on the possible sexual harassment on school grounds as well as school transportation. Finally, teachers can easily pick up warning signals such as refusal by a student to travel by school bus for a detailed monitoring and individual attention and assistance to be provided to the child.

Legal authorities have made it mandatory for school buses to have safety measures installed. unfortunately, schools often fail to implement these guidelines and there are only a few instances in which schools have complied with the law. Awareness about the need for such measures has to spread all across our country. Often cost has been a hurdle for many schools to embrace such technology. With the rapidly improving technological interventions, GPS vehicle tracking systems are constantly getting cheap and has improved variants.

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How can Trackschoolbus help Prevent Sexual Harassment on a school bus?
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