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Honey the Labrador Teaches Bengaluru about Road Safety

Honey, the Labrador living in Bengaluru hounds at people, who ride a two-wheeler without a helmet or violate the road safety rules. This  Labrador is utilized for teaching traffic safety.

The smart Honey, starred in a short film, is found to bark at rule breakers in the film and carries a helmet for those riders who ignores or forgets to wear one.  

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Vishwanath, the dog's companion informed that his goal is to boost the road safety awareness among people. And, he confessed that his attempt with the dog began right after witnessing a road accident in Chennai, in which the victim dies due to the absence of a helmet.

Varun, the trainer admitted that training dog with a helmet is never a simple task at all. It took 1- 2 weeks to train him with the helmet. With this effort from Honey, Bengaluru residents expects that the accident rates will be lowered in the future.


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Honey the Labrador Teaches Bengaluru about Road Safety
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