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Highly Secure RFID Hackproof Protocols Coming Soon

Problems related to RFID tag that help in identification of mobile phones, credit cards etc. will be soon solved. New RFID protocols with improved safety features are designed and tested by researchers in Singapore.

Li Yingjiu, Associate Professor of Singapore Management University, claimed that even a small flaw in RFID application can leak out essential information to unknown people.

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RFID technology is used by many leading industries to track inventory and supervise supply chain. According to the study, it was found that there is a chance of eavesdropping by hackers while information is broadcasted to RFID readers. Due to this reason, many companies are hiding their company details from the public.

The newly developing hackproof protocols is a better solution for many companies ,as it not only helps to control their data but also transform it into an attribute-based encryption to enhance security.


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Highly Secure RFID Hackproof Protocols Coming Soon
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