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Heavy Transportation Charges yet Careless School Bus Security


The recent case of sexual assault of a four year child on a school bus highlighted the flaw in school bus security. 

Most of the school buses impose heavy transportation charges ranging between Rs 2000 and Rs 6000 per month. Annually, there is an average of 10-15% increase in transportation charges.

Rajeev Chadda, a parent said, “All the schools are charging as per their whims and fancy, and even after that the students do not get the services”. He had to stop school transportation service as it became unaffordable and now sends his daughter through private transportation which charges him Rs 2500 instead of Rs 5000.

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Another parent named Ranbir also stopped his transportation services for both his sons “because of safety issue and other problems”. He said that his kids had to wait long for the bus in heat and they are dropped at random points. “ I would rather have my sons back in an auto”, said Ranbir.

"The schools are charging more and more every year, however their level of services hardly justify the amount being charges. They are asking us to pay money under different heads such as SOS charges, RFID charges and also insurance charges, whereas they cannot even comply with school bus safety rules," said Ramphal, another parent.

Most of the parents complain that it is totally illogical to pay such a huge amount for school bus fees. And it is completely unfair as kids travelling four kilometers and 400 kilometers away from school has to pay the same amount as fees.


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Heavy Transportation Charges yet Careless School Bus Security
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