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GPS Tracking For Waste Collection Vehicles in Dubai


Dubai – Dubai Municipality announced on Wednesday that private waste collection vehicles will be employing GPS from 2016. The initiative is taken to reduce improper waste dumping and random disposal of municipal, construction and demolition wastes.

Waste management companies involve in the collection and transportation of municipal solid waste as well as construction and demolition waste. A circular has been issued to them to install the Automated Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System on their waste collection vehicles. It was issued on June

It is possible to obtain the exact location and movement route of each vehicle with Vehicle Tracking System. The system will sent direct signals to the control centre of Dubai Municipality.

“It is worth mentioning that, this system will have a great impact on reducing the improper dumping practices and the random disposal of municipal wastes, construction and demolition wastes. It’s also expected that the system will effectively contribute in reducing the amount of municipal solid waste going to the landfills while increasing the percentage of recyclable materials,” stated a Press release.

Improper disposal of waste materials can result in a fine of Dh100, 000. An amount of Dh5, 000 will be fined for disposing hazardous materials and construction waste in places other than the approved dumping yards.

From January 1, 2016, vehicles without tracking system will not be allowed to enter any of Dubai Municipality’s waste treatment or disposal facilities. The civic body requested all waste management companies to be fully committed to the circular for the sake of public interest.

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GPS Tracking For Waste Collection Vehicles in Dubai
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