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GPS Tracking Devices for Domestic Abusers


The latest revolutionary system has made it possible for domestic abuse victims to save themselves from further attacks. Using the tracking equipment, it’s possible to monitor the movements of the attackers.

A warning message will be sent to Police by GPS technology if the criminals come closer to their victims. Police officers can make life-saving interventions.

Repeat abusers will be prevented from entering exclusion zones around the victim’s home, workplace and their children’s schools.

Offenders are fitted with an ankle bracelet and they must carry a handheld device as well. Police can trace the offenders and their whereabouts with the help of satellite technology.

Authorities can enforce exclusion zones while the couple might have an unexpected encounter with the help of monitoring equipment the victim carries. The scheme was introduced by Northumbria Police this week with the hope that technology will save the life of the victims.

Police will be contacting the victim if the offender enters any of the exclusion zones. Warning will be imparted to the victim depending on the situation. But the scheme is currently available only after both the parties agree to be monitored.

Detective Inspector Phil Bond said, "This new tagging equipment alerts us to a potentially violent encounter between a couple and gives us additional options to safeguard victims.”

"It may also be enough to stop a perpetrator even thinking of approaching a victim when they know their movements are being tracked while steering them away from mobile exclusion zones they have unwittingly entered."

He added, "This equipment will be used on a voluntary basis following an agreement from both parties. But it will undoubtedly provide added safety for a victim who will receive early warnings of a possible meeting with their perpetrator."

Northumbria police and crime commissioner Vera Baird said, "Any new technology that can reduce these incidents is, of course, a welcome addition to traditional policing methods already used by our officers to protect and safeguard victims."

"I know the misery and suffering domestic abuse causes and the impact it has not only on the victim but also on those around them, including any children. ‘This pilot will not only bring down incidents of domestic violence but also has the potential to save lives." 

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GPS Tracking Devices for Domestic Abusers
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