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GPS To Monitor Teacher Attendance


Madhya Pradesh: GPS-based Android mobile phone application has been introduced by Madhya Pradesh Government in order to track the attendance of school teachers. The system has been launched across the state.

 “The state government has implemented the novel experiment of taking e-attendance. Now the attendance of teachers will be taken through GPS-based Android application,” Indore Division Commissioner Sanjay Dube said.

The new system has been introduced after the successful experiments in government schools of Indore division last year. With the latest technology, it’s possible to expose teachers who truant.

PTI states that nearly 95% of teachers are covered with the new application in districts like Dhar and Burhanpur.  It is through the android app that almost all teachers register their attendance.

Dube said that with the app, applying leave and getting it approved becomes easy.

 “With the introduction of this application, improvement in quality of education in the division is visible. From July 1, it will be mandatory for all government teachers of the division,” he added.

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GPS To Monitor Teacher Attendance
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