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GPS on Rakshak Vehicles


For Blue Colts and Rakshak vehicles under the Vijayawada Commissionerate limits, city police is planning to install Global Positioning System (GPS).

 “GPS helps cops locate the position of vehicles. After receiving the phone call, the identification of the place of the incident or offence will become easy for the control room staff if the Blue Colts and Rakshak vehicles are equipped with GPS,” City Police Commissioner A.B. Venkateswara Rao said.

“The quick response of ‘Dial 100’ has saved several lives. We want to strengthen the Dial 100 system, too,” he added.

The commissioner said that the calls to 100 were increasing day by day, “On several occasions, police attended calls in minute and saved road accident victims,” he added.

More than 21 Blue Colts vehicles and equal number of Rakshak Vehicles are allotted for 21 police stations under the Vijayawda Police Commissionerate limits.

GPS installed in Blue Colts and Rakshak vehicles can track the movements of police, especially while attending an emergency call. The city chief police added that the public must make use of “Dial 100”.

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GPS on Rakshak Vehicles
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