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Good News For All Dog Lovers: GPS Collar and Smartphone App for Dogs


This summer, gift an iPhone for your dog.

Yes! You read it right! Bones and chew toys are all old treats for them. Toby Mills, from Gazeley has launched Tracca, a GPS dog collar that allows pet owners to track their precious pets.

Toby thought about the initiative because he always forgets his keys. "I first had the idea in an A-level business class to have a SIM card with a speaker attached to your keys," Toby said

"I thought then I could ring them from the landline like you used to ring your mobile in the days before apps like Find My Phone and things like that."

Toby noticed the massive dog missing problem in UK. He said: "Lost pets seemed to be a massive problem. Sixty dogs go missing per hour in the UK and there are currently 6,000 dogs on the lost dog register.”

Toby believes that this technology can help dog lovers greatly. He added: "I think at the moment, the idea of being able to do this is a bit unnerving for people but I really think this could expand.” Collars cost £119 and a pay-and-go sim card normally uses about £4 per month.

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