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5 Fleet Optimization Tips for Efficient School Bus Transportation

School transportation services always strive to maintain efficiency, punctuality and strive to ensure student safety. Nevertheless, the development of GPS vehicle tracking services and GPS based fleet management systems have simplified your task to a greater extent increasing the efficiency of school bus transportation.

Fleet optimization though an ardent task can be simplified by the following guidelines:

1. Install a fleet management software

Fleet management systems and software are intended to determine optimal routes for transport, fixing up timings to pick up and drop students. Ease of transport, improved efficiency, assured safety of students, etc. are just a few of the benefits associated with installing the fleet management software. Moreover, with the increased demands for lowering the global warming as well as fuel use concerns, fleet management systems offer simple solutions in enhancing productivity and economic gains.

2. Organize awareness lessons

Traffic rules and regulations as well as safety precautions should be known to all including parents. For this purpose, schools should conduct special awareness sessions for the students either as a part of the curriculum or otherwise. Furthermore, it would be wiser to include games and activities as the major practices of teaching. Small kids need special focus on such classes since they are more vulnerable to traffic related accidents.

3. Provide RFID tags to students

RFID tags are used for identification as well as tracking the location of the object. RFID enabled ID cards assists you to obtain the location of each student. Similarly, these can be used to signal the PUSH notification system, instant email alerts and SMS messages to notify the parents when the students have boarded the bus, reached the school premises or waiting at the bus stops. The system can also be utilized for informing the parents of any delays in the usual schedule of school bus transportation.

4. Find and use the best and optimal routes

Often, fleet managers have difficulty in finding the apt and optimal routes for school buses without considerable waste of time and fuel. Fleet management systems aid them in solving this without any hassle. It is easier to fix up the schedules of a school bus and routes with the least effort.

In addition, one can identify the routes with less traffic, convenient timings of passing the place, fixing up the bus stops with due consideration for proximity to students' homes, etc. Consider installing systems that incorporate variables such as weather conditions, parental concerns, special need students, etc. for efficient management.

5. Choose the right software that suits your need

Fleet management software is available in various versions according to the need of customers. Some can manage small fleet, for instance 10-15 vehicles while others are designed to suit the needs of 100s of vehicles.

In addition, it is wise to analyse the requirements, learn the features properly, declare the budget and then select the perfect option for your school. If you have an intention to upgrade your school bus transportation facilities in the near future, your first priority should be on choosing the apt fleet management system. Also, check whether the data storage requires a dedicated server or cloud based. Cloud based systems can be cost effective since it devalue the needs for a dedicated storage server for storing the reports on school bus transportation.

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