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Delhi takes a wise step: GPS-enabled water tankers


New Delhi: Global Positioning System (GPS) has been introduced on water tanks in Delhi by the government. The initiative is taken to improve the water service and to check tanker mafia.

Officials of the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) confirmed that GPS will help the customers to locate position of the tankers, its trip schedule, time of arrival, tankers filling point location, as well as delivery point location.

In the home page of the DJB website (, under the heading "Our Services", the link is available from where you can easily check about the service.

Deputy Chief Minister and Delhi Jal Board Chairperson Manish Sisodia inaugurated a new portal for public monitoring of drinking water tankers at Delhi Secretariat.

"This is a giant leap in bringing transparency in government functioning and empowerment of common people. People will now be able to monitor hundreds of water tankers of DJB using their cellphones and computers, from their offices, homes or anywhere," Sisodia said.

Now, you need not worry about the non arrival of tanker or any other problem. Consumers can directly contact the officials in case of non arrival of the tanker. Details of the officials are provided in the portal.  Consumers can lodge their grievances/complaints in the window provided at the DJB website.

In deficit areas, DJB provides water through 407 GPS enabled stainless steel water tankers and 400 mild steel tankers. By the optimum utilization of existing water resources, water production has also increased from 835 MGD to around 885 MGD.

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Delhi takes a wise step: GPS-enabled water tankers
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