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Coherent Navigations acquired by Apple


Coherent Navigations a global positioning company founded in 2008 is acquired by Apple. The purchase of the company is confirmed but the price is undisclosed. The page of the website shows unavailable.

The former CEO Paul Lego and many of the employees according to reports have already started working at Apple. The acquisition of the company can be useful for Apple as the apple maps reportedly faces constant criticism. 

Coherent system is much more precise compared to the “consumer-grade” GPS. The company has worked on autonomous navigation, robotics and projects for the Defence Department in the US as well.

Coherent navigation system focuses on High Integrity GPS or “iGPS”. The system combines signals from “mid-earth orbit GPS satellites” with “low-earth satellites of voice and data provider Iridium”, hence more accurate. Apple believes that the acquisition will bring about significant change in their Apple Map Apps.

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Coherent Navigations acquired by Apple
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