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Clever Children-Voiced GPS Technology to Help Reduce Rash Driving!


Swedish insurance company introduced a clever idea against reckless and rash drivers: children-voiced GPS which triggers dense area with children. Slow Down GPS is an application that transforms a smartphone into a GPS navigation device with remarkable eccentricity. When you travel through streets with schools, play areas or other territories dense with children, the voice in the application transforms into a child's.

The new framework serves a life-saving purpose even though the thought of listening to kids' voices in night can panic a desolate driver. The system focuses on diverting the attention of the distracted driver.

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Julian Treasure, Sound expert and Chairman of The Sound Agency UK said, “We are programmed to care for children so when you hear a child’s voice, it will have an immediate effect of putting you at mind for looking after children. There’s an association there already.”

If, a Stockholm-based insurance agency developed the Slow Down GPS. The company website confirms that they hold the biggest market share in Sweden, Norway and Finland, with 3.6 million clients in the Baltic and Nordic locale. The GPS app is one of its most recent marketing projects.

The Slow Down application is currently accessible for free download in Apple Store and Google Play. Unfortunately, it was designed to work only in Sweden, Finland and Norway.  The company is right now attempting to increase the number of risky zones by permitting application users to contribute their region information on the site.

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The company believes that their idea has more potential aside from crowd funding better data. They are additionally searching for GPS designers or car manufacturers who'd like to expand the system.

Other campaigns if insurer includes an “Everyday Crime” page where they track as well as aggregate crime statistics and news of Sweden. The page requires response from governments regarding rise in crime numbers.

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Clever Children-Voiced GPS Technology to Help Reduce Rash Driving!
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