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City Schools Shows Indifferent Attitude Towards School Bus Safety Norms


The site, launched a year ago, was supposed to contain details of the school principal, school bus driver, an RTO officer, school bus  contractors, a parent, an education officer, and  a police officer per school. And its aim is to bring all the stakeholders concerned with the child safety on one platform.

It was found that 15% of city schools have not updated details about the school transport committees, school buses, or driver and attendant in the site. Most of the school officials think it as a burdensome task and they say that it requires extra time and effort.

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For tackling this issue, RTO and education department organised a joint workshop with representatives from 1100 schools on 1st July. C Chavan, Assistant regional transport officer, informed that education officers have been appointed for sending notices to errant schools and meanwhile RTO takes strict action against school buses without permits.


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