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Change for Better: Clinics to Have CCTV at Entry Point and GPS Installed Ultrasound Machines


New Delhi: For those patients going for ultrasonography, an identity proof will be made mandatory. Additionally active tracers and GPS will be introduced in each ultrasound machine and CCTV cameras will be made compulsory at entry point of each ultrasound centre.

The State Supervisory Board Meeting of the Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act took the decision on Monday. It was chaired by health minister Satyendar Jain.

For the individuals who provide correct information about illegal ultrasound machines, sex selection and sex-selective abortions in the national capital will be awarded Rs one lakh.

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The government has decided to introduce a separate website for the public to lodge complaints. Toll-free number service is also planned for the public to lodge complaints against centres conducting sex selection tests and sex-selective abortions.

"All doctors who are providing antenatal services at clinics will have to maintain records for all antenatal cases. MTP pills will not be allowed to be sold without prescription and strict action will be taken against violators," a statement from the Delhi government reads. It has also been decided to launch the critical "Form F" online within a week.

"Hospitals and centres showing adverse sex ratio at birth will be given notices to explain the reasons. The district authorities will also have to explain as to why the expected target for inspections under PC-PNDT Act has not been met with," the state has warned.

The district court complex will have one court designated to ensure quick trials and timely convictions for the culprits in the PC PNDTC Act cases.


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Change for Better: Clinics to Have CCTV at Entry Point and GPS Installed Ultrasound Machines
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