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Predominant Challenges and Tips for School Bus Driving in Cities

Driving through the urban roads is challenging for the drivers. The usual dilemmas confronted by drivers include unexpected pedestrians, heavy traffic, and jammed roadways. And, the risk increases for a school bus driver since they should concentrate on the road, and at the same time ensure student safety.

Of course, while considering the 45 feet long school bus, you can imagine the dilemma faced by school bus drivers while driving through the city routes. Nevertheless, as a driver, your key challenge will be to create a balance between the school bus schedule and urban routing concerns.

In addition to the usual traffic, you should carefully consider the unexpected entry of emergency vehicles and pedestrians. Meanwhile, it was established that special driver training for driving in urban areas constitutes an immense difference in the driving affair.

Key challenges faced by school bus drivers in cities

As a matter of fact, you must have witnessed numerous cameras and traffic lights, throughout your routine school bus trip. At times, various shocking visuals can be obtained via the cameras.

According to the survey conducted by the prevalent daily newspaper Chicago Tribune, there is an overall 22% rise in rear-end accidents. Exclaiming how? Consequently, this is simply due to the driver's negligence of red light. Hence, you should remain vigilant when you approach the road intersections. Let's have a glimpse of the key challenges faced by school bus drivers in city areas:

  • Road intersection is the notable area for accidents as vehicles advance from varied directions
  • Confined city streets can be an enormous threat for school bus drivers, since they should drive a bulky school bus through the populous streets
  • Emergency vehicles is another issue faced by the school bus drivers
  • A multitude of roads is designed on a grid layout and comprise numerous one-way streets, which may lead to navigational confusion
  • Rising number of pedestrians is another issue faced by the school bus drivers. Jaywalkers also pose danger, as it becomes barely visible due to parked cars, buildings, and other hindrances

Strategies that Should be Followed for Smooth City Driving

Here follows certain strategies for driving smoothly in urban areas:

  • Turning

A school bus requires larger turning radius and hence it is desirable to construct city roads accordingly.

  • Intersections

Certainly, there will be myriad of intersections in the city routes. And hence is wise to follow the traffic lights fitted on the intersections.

  • Traffic signals

Consider the traffic signals in the urban areas, which alters almost instantly, especially due to pedestrian signals.

  • Visibility

Seek the assistance of blind spot mirrors to enhance your far distance vision in the congested and unstable traffic.

  • Crossing guards

Collaborate with crossing guards, which ensures students, a safe boarding and alighting from the school bus

  • Road conditions

Ordinarily, city roads are damaged and neglected, therefore it is your responsibility to avert potholes on the road and slow down in areas where repairs are progressing.

  • Detours

You can spot diversion sign boards in various places, where you should slow down the vehicle and progress without a further thought.

  • Passengers

First and foremost, recognize the fact that you ferry the children, who can consistently become impish and annoying and hence it is wise to become prepared for the worst. In addition to this, you should be able to handle frequent turns, stops, pedestrians, emergency vehicles and uneven roads.

In conclusion, as a school bus driver, you will have to confront certain challenges, especially, while travelling through the narrow and hustling traffic on the city roads. However, defensive driving is one of the preferred practices for travelling in the busy city roads safely and successfully. Ultimately, it is wise to drive consciously with a close  consideration to the heavy traffic, emergency vehicle, foolhardy and distracted driving and traffic regulations.

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