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Bus Safety Measures


  • Female attendants in school buses
  • Police verification of school bus drivers and conductors
  • Camera installation
  • GPS system in all buses

UT Education Secretary Sarvjit Singh on Tuesday issued that availability of these safety measures must be ensured in school buses. Safety of girl students travelling in school bus or in buses of coaching centres, call centres and other institutions is also taken in to special consideration. The norms will be functional from July 1st.

The guidelines were formulated after a meeting on Monday by the UT Finance-cum-Education Secretary, in the UT Secretariat. School principals, bus operators and other administrative officers were present for the meeting.

“Need for putting in place a sound mechanism to ensure safety of girls on buses was appreciated by all present in the meeting. After due deliberations, it was decided that few measures shall be implemented by July 1 on all buses carrying girls, be it for schools, coaching centres or for institutions such as call centre and others,” read the official release of the UT Education Secretary.

According to the first guideline, “lady attendants in uniform, who are at least matriculate, physically fit and are carefully selected by the management of school/coaching centre/ call centre etc and are paid minimum wage by account payee cheque or direct accounts transfer, will travel en route on all school buses till the last girl has gotten off the bus”.

As per the guidelines, all drivers and conductors can be employed within two months only after the verification by police.

The installation of GPS is also made mandatory inside the buses to keep record of route, speed graph and stop timings for the last 30 days.

“Cameras shall be installed in buses so as to clearly video-graph and record the whole of inside of the bus during travel. The system shall have enough memory to record such video clips of last 30 days so as to be available in case of a complaint,” noted the guidelines.

As per the guidelines, girls should not be sent in buses that do not comply with the instructions and the responsibility of the same goes to the management of the school/coaching centre/call centre and the transport company/firm.

All the guidelines other than female attendant must be followed by the bus contractors even if only boys travel in the bus.

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Bus Safety Measures
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