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BJP to Use GPS-Monitored Raths in Bihar


Bihar: For the upcoming Bihar elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is ready for hi-tech GPS-monitored ‘Rath Yatra’. BJP wishes to spread the message of change with the help of technology. Through one lakh assembly meetings conducted in 100 days, BJP aims to reach out 6.5 core electorate.

“In the previous elections at 9,300 booths, results were decided by a margin of merely 50 votes in Bihar. Party national president Amit Shah’s message to the Bihar party unit is to ensure the 160 ‘Parivartan Raths’ are used in 1,000-1,200 meetings and sabhas every day,” BJP sources told.

‘Bring 100 additional voters per booth to win elections in Bihar,’ is the message from party chief Shah.

BJP decided to spread the party message through video vans equipped with GPS tracking system. 243 vans with 55-inch TV screens and audio systems have been released by BJP for the purpose.

"The aim is for each video van is to cover one panchayat area in one day and then return to the same area after a month with a new promotional video. After the meeting, the publicity material in the van will be distributed to the supporters," said the state leader cited above.

BJP expects better coordination with the help of GPS. "Everything has been planned to the last detail," said the BJP member. "The party is depending on meticulous planning, organisation and coordination."

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BJP to Use GPS-Monitored Raths in Bihar
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