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6 Q&A on Transporting Students with Special Needs

  Students with special needs often become side-lined in measures to ensure child safety in schools, particularly in school bus transportation. While the safety measures tend to generalize the needs of all the students under one umbrella and when efforts on safety compliance are implemented, these children receive the last loaf. Some might be wondering

Top Ten Bluetooth Headsets for School Bus Drivers

  Of course, mobile phones are not allowed while driving a vehicle. In fact, drivers may lose their job once they are caught red-handed for texting or attending calls via the mobile phone. But, drivers are also humans, they also have emergencies and personal life to look after. What is the solution? You need to

How to Handle Students with Autism in a School Bus?

  While arranging transport services for children with special needs you need to initiate an extra precaution, provide ample care and consideration to  students, especially for those with autism. Parents rely on school bus authorities for providing an emotionally and physically safe environment for their adorable kids. Even a little support and compassion from your

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