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Guidelines for Transportation of Students with Special Needs

The school administration systems have to ensure that children with special needs are transported in a safe manner in the approved transportation of the school, which, in many cases, is the school bus. The school transportation should be planned and organized in such a manner that it provides proper and adequate support to children with

8 Road Safety Tips for Motorists – [Infographics]

Road safety tips for motorists are crucial for all of us when we hit the road with our wheels. As we can’t predict what is going to happen, hence it is wise to take precautions all the time. Accidents are the topmost things which await daily riders. Each of us is responsible for road safety

12 Common Questions on Electric School Buses

All set to promote a healthier student fraternity, ‘all-electric’ school buses promise cleaner air to inhale when compared totheir diesel counterparts which release harmful exhausts into the atmosphere. Additionally, electric school buses are affordable options too when school districts can offset the initial investment with their long-term operational benefits. In an attempt to highlight the

13 Features of a School Bus With State-Of-The-Art Safety System

All those parents who sign up for school bus transportation will agree with the fact that school buses come in as the safest means of commute for their kids. If you compare it with either riding your private vehicle or going by walk to school, the former alternatives pose threats to student safety. It is

15 FAQs about School Bus Automation

School bus tracking takes pride in implementing the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence powered school bus automation features to all the school districts. If you are looking to avail these technological innovations in the sphere of school bus transportation, here are 16 questions and its answers that will crop up in your mind. Here we are showcasing

11 Things about School Bus Transportation Software You Have To Experience It Yourself

School bus transportation software are gaining wide acceptance than ever before owing to the role it plays in improving the overall efficiency and convenience. The school management, the students as well as their parents are getting benefited in one way or the other with its amazing features and options. When students can have a smooth

15 School Bus Safety Ideas You Can Share With Everyone

Safety begins at home. All in an attempt for everyone concerned to ensure that students reach their destination safe and sound, parents should play a major role. They should do their bit in educating kids about safety rules that need to be followed by their wards. Additionally, life with its uncertainties in the form of

How Many Countries Have Their Own GPS System

Global Positioning System (GPS), originally named Navstar GPS is a radio-navigation system developed for the Air Force operations of the United States and owned by the government of The United States. However, there are other names given to the navigation systems that are owned and managed by various nations across the globe, all of which

Artificial Intelligence in School Bus – A Comprehensive Guide

You will agree with the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the catchphrase which is attracting the attention of people operating in different spheres. Now, AI is also making its strong presence felt in the field of school transportation. You might be wondering the role of AI in this territory concerning the pickup and dropping

14 Preparations You Should Make Before Using School Bus Transportation Services

School buses are one of the safest means of transportation for students. The use of advanced school bus transportation software in schools nowadays is enhancing the overall safety and convenience to the next level. However, one should not forget about the preparations to be made before utilizing the school bus transportation services. Both the students