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Top 7 Advantages of Wifi on School Buses

In the modern day and age, due to the rapid advancement in technology and communication, almost everyone and everything is available online. Learning and education is no exception to this. It is no longer confined to the classroom, and students can learn about faraway places and obscure things, within a single click. Owing to the

School Bus Tracking Apps – An Ultimate Guide 2018

Usually, every parent would like to know the location of the school bus that they and their kids are waiting for. They will feel happy and relaxed when they are able to see the bus of their children on a map. This can be possible only if the school bus is installed with a GPS-based tracking

School Bus Seat Belts – Are They Compulsory?

To buckle or not to! These are the two sides of an argument whether seat belts in school buses should be made compulsory. While some of the strong advocators of the safety of school kids are in favor of seat belts in school buses, there are others who substantiate their argument that seat belts do

Top 9 School Bus Companies You Need to Know [Infographic]

School busses are by far the safest way to transport children to and from school every day. Riding a school bus to school in the mornings and the afternoons has been a tradition for many years now. It has always been a concern for parents on the first day their put their child on the

Propane School Buses – What are the Pros and Cons

Propane school vehicles have turned out to be a mainstay in both suburban, as well as in urban communities. They offer students easy access to their school campuses. Moreover, Propane school buses are offering a more inexpensive as well as an ecologically friendly option. Although moving to Propane-powered school buses may need a huge initial

An Ultimate Guide to Design a School Bus Maintenance Facility

Safety is the first norm in the management of school bus system. School authorities and bus companies have to regularly shoulder the responsibility of to and fro transportation of innocent children, which is time-sensitive as well as risky. Although as priorities, the schools lay a lot of importance, while appointing expert drivers and selecting best

20 Remarkable Uses of GPS in Everyday Life

The Global positioning system (GPS) is popular now-a-days as a satellite-based navigation system that gives information about geo-location and data about time to receiver. The facility is available to anyone at any place in the world. The system does not need the user to send any data as it operates with complete independence without any telephonic

10 School Bus Safety Tips for Parents [Infographic]

Children may get excited while seeing the school bus. Being over excited may cause dangerous things such as turning around, running around and being careless while getting on and off the bus. Most of the people place their kids and faith in a bus as it is large and slow. This doesn’t mean that the

What is AIS 140 Certification? How Can You Get It for Your Vehicle?

It will not be an overstatement to quote that the economy of a country is majorly dependent on the efficiency of its transportation system. Termed as a backbone for any developing country, the transportation system is ordained to work to its full potential at all times. A breakdown of your transport system is bound to

12 Important Benefits of School Buses

School buses have always been a common and one of the most preferred modes of transportation for school children. Parents all across the globe are using services of school buses to pick and drop their kids for past few decades. But still, when it comes to deciding whether or not to use services of a