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10 Proven Ways to Encourage Your Kids Effectively

Children at their young age needs to be motivated and encouraged so that they have definite set goals in their lives. Words of encouragement when used in the right way can have a very positive effect on the child’s life. Be it at school or at home, words of encouragement used in the right way

Parent’s Concerns About School Bus Transportation

Parents in general are always concerned while their children are outside either for studies, games or any other things. While at home or at school, the parents have that sense of feeling that their children are safe. But there is a common notion, which is true that happens in between their school & home: yes

Stephen Hawking – World’s Brilliant Physicists Passed Away

Stephen Hawking, physicist and author of “A Brief History of Time” who shaped modern cosmology has died at age 76. His family released his death statement in the early hours of this morning at his home in Cambridge. Hawking’s children said that: Stephen Hawking was an extraordinary man and a great scientist whose legacy and

15 Tips for Organizing School Trips

School trips have always been fun filled and enjoyable. There would always be memories created which could be cherished in the years to come. Whenever the plan for a trip is initiated, the excitement begins. But the tricky part here lies always in the execution. Organizing school trips always requires good planning as well as

30 Essential Road Safety Rules in India [Infographic]

Road safety is of prime importance as it is essential to avoid unnecessary accidents. We’ve already lost a lot of lives just because we haven’t been careful enough. Safety is gainful, accident is painful. Safety begins with a team work and we all have to keep an eye out to not just our safety but

13 Best Tips for Kindergarten Teachers 2018

It is fun to spend time with toddlers who are active most of the time. But as much as it is fun it is also a tedious task to handle the kids. Many consider it as a special job that requires special attention. Yes, it is kids that you are dealing with, what else should

Criminal Cases Against Vehicles Owners Who Violate School Bus Policy

Pune: It was a shocking incident when fourteen year old Raj Kamble fell off a moving school bus in Charholi. There was recently an issue where nine school buses were vandalised as an outcome of a fight between eight people. Taking into account these unsafe situations, the Regional Transport Office has requested district school bus

10 School Transportation Trends to Watch out in 2018

Transportation is going through a phase changes and is supposedly having a makeover in the way it operates. As schools and other entities are accepting the changes that are happening in the transportation sector it has become easier to implement these new ideas to the school transportation sector. So, what are these changes that are

How to Tackle School Bus Transportation During Snowfall

Unfavourable weather conditions may adversely affect school transportation. Many cities in the U.S. witness the coldest weather in some of its seasons. One of the greatest challenges school authorities and parents come across is transporting children safely in this weather condition without making them prone to frostbite or hypothermia. Children if exposed to cold weathers

School Bus Designs : Why They Remain Unchanged

First of all school buses are designed well and serves its purpose. School buses are the primary mode of student transportation in the United States. Over half the student population in the country rely upon school buses for transportation to school and back to home. It is estimated that over 26 million students travel in

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