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Austin School Bus Cameras Captures Illegal Passing of Vehicles


Some schools are releasing shocking videos that highlight dangers from drivers who fail to stop for school buses. Austin school bus released a video showing how a truck illegally passed school bus and bruised a seventh grader named Miles Mcfadden.

“I was walking, I see this truck coming. I expect him to stop, but he doesn’t and everything just goes into a blur,” said  Amy McFadden, Miles’ mother.  After watching the video, she said, “It’s just your heart drops into your feet and you just can barely breathe when you’re watching that.”

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The very next day after this incident, another high school student was hit by a truck. But fortunately, the student escaped unharmed.

According to the CBS news reports, more than 13 million times American drivers illegally passed school buses in the previous year. And about eight kids died due to the ignorance of drivers who fail to notice school bus signs.

There are so many incidents related to this issue. One such incident is the death of Donald Mair's daughter Gabby in 2010 who was killed while getting off the school bus. The 71 year aged driver responsible to the accident was never charged till now.

“It’s not an accident because it’s preventable,” Mair said. “And it’s not a tragedy because we know it’s going to happen again.”

6600 motorists violated school bus law and police sent citations to them indicating it. “That was a very significant number. It was shocking,” said Austin Independent School District Police Chief Eric Mendez. “That’s a lot of violators in a very short time period.”

About 15 states were allowed cameras to be mounted outside the bus to record illegal passing. Critics complain that it is all about making money rather than keeping students safe.


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Austin School Bus Cameras Captures Illegal Passing of Vehicles
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