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Are Mobile Apps Necessary for Ensuring School Bus Safety


School bus safety has remained a huge concern to parents, teachers and other school authorities. It is said that school bus is the safest mode of transportation. But today, we can find so many news related to school bus accidents. Technology can play a vital role in minimizing those accidents.


The latest progress related to school bus safety is the introduction of mobile apps for parents, school authorities, students, drivers and transport managers. But if you are a parent or a school authority contemplating the jump to school safety mobile apps, you might wonder – Are mobile apps necessary for ensuring school bus safety?


The answer to this genuine doubt lies in understanding the benefits school bus safety apps provide to the various parties involved. Some of them are:


For Parents

Nowadays, parents are occupied with their 9-5 office jobs that they are unable to checkout their child's whereabouts. This problem is solved by the introduction of real-time school bus safety apps. With the help of mobile apps, parents are able to:


1. Track their Child's Location Anywhere at any Time

Parents can see real-time location of their children whenever a child boards the school bus until he gets off the bus. They receive information regarding the location of the school bus through SMS or push notification via their smart phones. Also, they can view the bus attendance of their children and ensure if their children have reached school or home safely.


2. Check the Established Routes that they are Supposed to Follow

Parents are able to know details regarding travel route, travel speed, travel distance, travel history etc. They can monitor speed of the school bus and time duration taken at each stops.


3. Manage More than One Child with a Single App

Using single app, parents are able to manage more than one child. It is not necessary for parents to have multiple apps, if there are siblings studying in the same school.


4. Track Traffic Jams, School Bus Break Downs and Natural Hazards

Using mobile apps, parents can get a warning regarding traffic jams, school bus breakdown and natural hazards. They can act instantly and thus ensure safety of their children.


5. Interact with Bus Driver

Parents can interact with bus driver using mobile apps and can thus identify if there is any unsafe driving. They can also understand about the good and bad habits of school bus driver.

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For Transport Managers

Transport managers are able to:


1. Have Exclusive Control on the School Bus

Transport managers can properly schedule the bus trip using these apps.They are able to stay alert and organized. With the help of apps, they can calculate better and safer bus routes


2. Reduces Chances for Minor Possibilities of Accidents or Mishaps

With the help of apps, transport managers can immediately understand and take appropriate action. And thus avoid the chance for accidents or mishaps.


3. Communicate with the Driver

Transport managers can communicate with the driver whenever they wants to ensure school bus safety.


4. Use Audio Facility

Transport managers can play audio and give important announcements for the students. This facility would be very convenient to them as they do not need to personally reach the bus and give announcements.


5. Update New Pick Up Points

If there is any relocation for any of the students, transport managers can update new pick up points. Without the apps, updating of new pick up points is a complex task.


For Drivers

Drivers are able to:

1. Maintain an Attendance Management System

With the help of apps, drivers can maintain an attendance management system and thus reduce errors or flaws caused by manual marking of attendance. They can find the next destination along with picture and contact details of the student.

2. Keep the Bus Under Surveillance from Inside

With the help of camera installed inside, drivers can get continuous live feed of students onboard. They can manage bus in an effective and efficient manner

3. Have a Coordination with Transport Managers

Drivers can co-ordinate with transport managers in order to plan navigation or trip of the school bus. They can work together to avoid fuel wastage caused excessive idling and inefficient routes

4. Execute Multiple Tasks with Minimum Distraction

With the help of apps, drivers can execute plenty of tasks without much disturbance. They will have better driving experience by using these apps.

5. Monitor Speed of the School Bus

Drivers can check speed of the school bus and can control the speed whenever it goes beyond the limit. Apps helps them to manage emergency situation such as sudden breakdown of school bus.

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For Students

Students are able to:

1. Have a Safe School Bus Journey

Mobile apps assure a safe school bus transportation for students. They can interact with their parents and can get appropriate warnings against dangers from school authorities.


2. Have Effective and Cost Effective Transportation

Mobile apps will help the student to have the most effective and cost-effective transportation. Students will be easily picked up at the right time, with the help of app by parents.


3. Use the App without Much Difficulty

There is not much complication in using the app. They can easily customized by students easily.


By understanding the School bus safety benefits provided by safety apps, it becomes clear that in the fast-paced modern world, school bus safety apps are a necessity for the effective management of school bus transportation.

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Are Mobile Apps Necessary for Ensuring School Bus Safety
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