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80% of school buses were found unfit for transportation, says RTO Bhopal


RTO Bhopal initiated a drive to check the school buses running in the city under the Safe School Vahan Scheme. When 100 school buses were checked, 80 percent of them were found unfit. 

It was found that school bus drivers are not following guidelines put forward by Supreme Court regarding safety. The officials also found that some drivers didn't have school vehicle permit with them.

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Some buses lack fire safety measures as many of them had obsolete fire extinguishers. On the basis of guidelines, there should be horizontal grilles in school bus windows which was found missing in most of the buses. In addition to this, buses also lack proper first aid boxes and name of the school.

According to the recent additions in the guidelines, every school bus compulsorily install CCTV cameras and GPS and provide space for kids to keep school bags. But none of the drivers were found to be following guidelines and no appropriate action is taken against them.

ARTO Sanjay Tiwari informed that drive will continue for a month and warning notices have been sent to culpable operators.


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80% of school buses were found unfit for transportation, says RTO Bhopal
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