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8 School Buses Taken Off Road Following Inspections by Authority


Six school buses were taken off the road and two were prohibited to take passengers after inspections in Avalon. The Eastern School District informed that the contractor arranged school bus service for both St. John's and Octagon Pond Elementary.

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Gina MacArthur, Founder of MacArthur Family Charitable Foundation, acquainted that the regional government found various defects such as issues with brakes and fuel leaks. Among the 11 buses, only 3 were cleared to fetch passengers inside the bus.

Service NL said that it is ending its annual school bus inspections and every vehicle will be examined before Nov 18.

MacArthur also said that the main concern of the Provincial Government is to provide the public with a high degree of safety, particularly that of school bus children safety. Those buses pulled off the road will be allowed to return service, only after further inspection by the authority.


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