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5 Year Old Left Alone In School Bus after Falling Asleep


Stonewall: Parents of a Stonewall Elementary School student were upset with the school management for the transportation debacle. Last Monday afternoon, McFarland, step father of 5 year old Myric was waiting for him to return from school.

The school bus usually reaches between 3.30 and 4.00. McFarland waited till 4.10 for the arrival of the bus. He asked his wife to contact the school to enquire about the school bus.

“The bus hadn’t shown up yet, so I was worried something might have happened to the bus,” McFarland said Thursday.

Staff members of the school said that they will confirm whether Myric is placed in the after-school program by mistake. Myria then contacted her husband and asked him to remain in the bus stop in case the bus arrives.

The staff member after clarification called Myria to confirm that his son Myric is not present at the after-school program. After 10 minutes, Myria was told that, his son has been found. He fell asleep inside the bus. The driver did not realise that Myric fell asleep inside the school bus.

Myria went to school to collect his son and then to the superintendent’s office for the explanation regarding the carelessness of the school bus operators.

Myria was worried that what would have happened to his son if Myric was in a locked car on a hot day.

“It’s not any different,” she said. “My son’s life was in danger.”

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5 Year Old Left Alone In School Bus after Falling Asleep
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