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4 Ways GPS Tracker Helps You to Go Green

Does anyone know why April 22nd is important? It’s “Earth Day”. But we don’t celebrate it as we do with festivals? We also don’t do anything for Mother Earth in return for what she is doing? Now is the time to take a stand and save our environment that has been tampered for generations. One area where we all could help is in the field of transportation. Vehicle tracking using a GPS tracking systems have been widely approved all over the world to help in solving issues related to pollution.

It is estimated that the transport industry alone accounts for over 13% of the Global emission of Green House Gases (GHGs). Whether it is the public transport system, school bus fleets or personal vehicles, the carbon emissions needs to be suppressed. These very same GHGs and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been the sole cause in ozone layer depletion and polar ice melts. This has forced governments all over the world to look for ways to make the automobiles cleaner. “GO GREEN” has become the motto for the 21st century.

How GPS Can Help Make Environment Pollution Free

            Here are some features of the GPS monitoring systems that can help you to support the cause of having a better environment to live in.

1. Less paper for more trees

  • GPS tracking promotes the use of automated web-based systems for generating invoices, time sheets, mileage logs and vehicle tracking reports.
  • This reduces the usage of paper, since data are recorded and stored digitally.
  • Digital recording helps easy access and when data corrections are required it can be done easily, which would have been wastage of paper, had they been used.
  • Proper and well-timed entry helps to increase productivity.

2. Improved driving ethics

  • Apart from monitoring emissions, a GPS tracker can also monitor vehicle speed, engine idling and other fuel wasting behaviours which drivers adopt.
  • Monitoring driving ethics not only helps curb pollution, but also keeps motorists safe as it can help eliminate harsh driving patterns.
  • It can help monitor hard-braking and quick acceleration, which could help in saving fuel. This way, pollution can also be minimised.
  • Since GPS helps in generating real-time data, assessing situations and making decisions become quicker and more efficient.

3. Better vehicles for better environment

  • Studies indicate that a poorly tuned vehicle engine uses 50% more fuel. This means that the emissions also increase by 50%. A dependable and efficient GPS vehicle tracker can help solve this issue.
  • Vehicle tracking systems give fleet managers an option to remotely monitor motor oil life, engine fault codes and emission control system status.
  • It also helps monitor a vehicles exterior condition like tyre air pressure. A reduction in air tyre pressure can cause abnormal fuel consumption, which in turn can reduce mileage.

4. Route Optimization

  • Based on time, distance and the live traffic between two points A and B, a GPS in school buses or on any other vehicles can optimize routes.
  • Optimization of routes help to reduce the driving distance thereby reducing the GHGs and also CO2 emissions.
  • Apart from optimization, fleet managers can also check whether a driver follows the optimized routes.
  • In case of a breach in the geo-fence occurs, the authority will be instantly notified.

Other than saving fuel and reducing pollution, the greatest benefit of using a GPS vehicle tracking system is the efficiency and speed with which it helps to locate the position of our valuable assets. Hence it plays a vital role by ensuring safety and security. A school bus tracking system used by schools and other educational institutions could help them keep an eye on their students and drivers.

Most people consider installing a GPS system to be costly. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike the initial days of GPS technology, it is now quite affordable and cash saving. GPS vehicle tracking has helped numerous transportation companies to save fuel, help in better maintenance and route optimization. This has helped them save up to 40% from what they used to annually.

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4 Ways GPS Tracker Helps You to Go Green
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