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3D Zebra Crossing- An Exemplary Innovation in Road Safety

Saumya Pandya Thakkar and Shakuntala Pandya, two Ahmedabad natives, was the designers of this innovative 3-D zebra crossing. The mother-daughter painted this design and was appreciated as an effective method to warn drivers.

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With the approval from relevant authorities, 3-D zebra crossing has been placed mainly in accident prone areas of the city.

The authorities have checked its impact in Ahmedabad and approved it as a triumphant idea to carry on. Saumya informed that the design is eligible for copyright. And it will be soon used in all the corners of the state, which seems like a roadblock that forces drivers to stop their vehicle.

Saumya said that 3-D street art is somewhat new to India and it may be the reason for such popularity.


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3D Zebra Crossing- An Exemplary Innovation in Road Safety
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