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15 Cool School Bus Games You Need to Know [Infographic]

Tuesday May 8, 2018


Getting kids to school and back home safely is one of the major concerns for parents. Here comes the role of school bus, which is the safest mode of transportation for school going children.

But still it can have some safety issues depending on the behaviour of the child. If kids have been taught how to behave on a school bus, then it can create a safer, nicer travel environment on the bus.

But still they get bored if the school is far away from the home. So, they start making noises, pulling pranks and many more which can make school bus safety at stake.

Hence, in this situation playing games on school bus can be a nice option. This can entertain them in a good manner. If you are a teacher or any senior student in bus, then you can make them play games.

This will make them sit and enjoy the journey without disturbing the driver. To know more about these games in detail, you can check out our previous blog

Here we are showcasing a list of 15 cool school bus games (shown in the form of an infographic) which can be really useful for school bus journey.

15 Cool School Bus Games infographic