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10 Reasons to Love Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS or the Global Positioning System has made a remarkable entrance into the world of education. It is a space-based satellite navigation system that is used to provide both location and time based information, that too in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth. It requires a clear line of sight to at least four or more GPS satellites.

Here are 10 reasons why GPS will become the future of educational institutions everywhere.

  1. Helps to save fuel: In this day and age where the developing nations suffer from fuel price hikes on a regular basis, a simple GPS tracking system installed in school buses can prove to be a big relief. A GPS tracker helps schools to pre-plan their bus routes, thereby optimizing the routes and hence saving on fuel. It also helps the fleet managers to monitor their driver’s driving patterns, looking out for unnecessary braking and accelerations. Avoiding such practices help to improve vehicle mileage and improve the overall drive quality.
  2. Helps in documentation: GPS tracking system uses real-time documentation. Events can be recorded as they happen, thereby improving the transparency of services. This also reduces the requirement of a human intervention in documentation, which reduces errors. Also in situations where conflicts of statements occur, these documents can be used as reference.
  3. Help to keep vehicles secure: GPS itself is considered to be an anti-theft device. Installing a GPS tracking system in buses helps in tracking the buses. This helps to pin-point the location of buses in case of theft.
  4. Helps to know bus timing: Students and parents find it easier to use a school bus tracking app as it informs them whether the bus has arrived at their concerned bus stops. This avoids unwanted waiting at bus stops, saving valuable time for both the parents and the students.
  5. Helps to monitor children: The RFID technology used in a school bus tracking system helps parents and teachers to keep track of their students. It immediately sends out alert messages to the concerned people if the child has missed his/ her bus.
  6. Helps to monitor school bus: As said before, school bus routes can be planned with the help of a school bus tracking system. So this makes it easy for the school authority to see if the buses are following the routes that were assigned to them. In case of any deviation from the original routes, the authority will be informed about the same through an alert message.
  7. Helps to improve driving ethics: The GPS system helps to monitor the driving patterns.  This can be crucial in avoiding over-speeding, harsh braking and unwanted accelerations. This in turn helps to keep the students onboard and the general public safe.
  8. Helps to avoid unwanted vehicle usage: As the vehicles are monitored and documentation is made in real-time, using the vehicles without permission or for tasks other than what it is assigned for can be easily noted and actions can be taken accordingly.
  9. Helps to better maintain vehicles: Following a better driving ethics helps to reduce the wear and tear on wheels and also reduces the overall maintenance cost of the vehicle.­
  10. Helps to reduce pollution: As the routes are optimized, the companies can save on fuel. As only a minimum of fuel is used, pollution can be greatly reduced. Also it would be easier to keep track of the maintenance schedule, which ensures that the vehicle functions perfectly. This in turn improves efficiency and helps reduce pollution.
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10 Reasons to Love Global Positioning System (GPS)
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