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School Bus Tracking : An Effective Way To Tackle Safety Concerns


Anything is possible with advancing technology in this era, that too within a short period of time itself. Geo Positioning System or GPS, is one such technology, which is very effective, in case you want to track locations. The school bus tracking software was born out of the very same idea, with the motive of tracking school buses and to put an end to worries regarding the students' safety during their journey to school and the ride back home.


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With this state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to track students using the school bus service from their boarding points to drop-off points. Each student will be provided a unique RFID tag which needs to be swiped when entering and leaving the bus. Once the tag is read, parents or school authorities will be notified via SMS or Android/iOS push notification and then, the students can be easily tracked in real-time from the mobile device of the parents or school authorities using the Parent App application or the web based application.




Real-time TrackingKeeps parents and school authorities updated real-time about the location of the bus with the help of GPS satellites. It helps them know in case of any issues or the reason, in case of any delay. Parents also get to know pickup and drop information real-time.

NotificationsParents and school authorities can get notified by SMS, Android push notification or iOS push notifications. It helps them to stay aware of the whereabouts of the students.

  • When there are bus delays
  • If their child boards the wrong bus
  • In case of emergencies
  • Unscheduled stops

Generation of ReportsThe software generates accurate and effective reports on the information such as travel distance, travel history, travel speed, stops, etc.


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Simple, Clutter-free InterfaceA software is effective only if the interface is easy to understand and use. The School Bus Tracker has a simple interface with six menu options. These options show running vehicles, available vehicles, pickups assigned, pickups unassigned, off duty drivers and an option for other vehicles, making it easier for the users to access all the information from one common point.




  • School bus routes can be scheduled automatically and accurately, thus saving time and energy.
  • Parents and school authorities no longer have to worry about the child's safety as they get real-time updates about the child's whereabouts.
  • Have a clear picture of worker hours and performance of the drivers.
  • Cost savings by optimizing. Reducing the need for even one bus can save you a lot.

The easy-to-use features of the School Bus Tracking software are sure to benefit the effective management of school buses. Enhance the reputation of your school by adapting this efficient and feature-rich software.


TechnoAlliance Join Hands With For Developing Vehicle Tracking System

TechnoAlliance has partnered with, one of the leading makers, to come up with a vehicle tracking system, where provides industry leading hardware that has integrated printers, GPS and GPRS, while TechnoAlliance creates software in web and mobile applications. The mobile and web applications are being developed by Redbytes and ProBytes respectively, both of which are subsidiaries of TechnoAlliance. The vehicle tracking system developed by these companies would prove to be effective because of it’s:


  • Smart, simple dashboard that gives updates information about which vehicles are currently running, which vehicles are available, which drivers are off duty, the pick-ups that are assigned and unassigned.
  • Real-time tracking of locations and routes using Global Positioning System or GPS.
  • Different user profiles such as administrator to manage and assign vehicles, pickups etc. and a normal user profile for the call centre executive to access information.
  • Manages both scheduled and instant pick-ups
  • Billing facility
  • Statistics report including time, distance, number of trips etc.


  • Easy for passengers to book
  • Passengers are given updates automatically via SMS notifications.
  • Proper organization and management of vehicles and drivers to maximize efficiency.
  • Retention of customers through timely and well organised services.
  • Comprehensive data through reports and statistics.
  • Easy for drivers to process orders and give receipts using taximeter’s vehicle tracking system.
  • Passengers can enjoy a safe ride.
  • This GPS tracking system can be used for a variety of services such as taxis, couriers, school buses etc.

This GPS vehicle tracking system would surely be helpful, putting an end to various issues passengers have to face each day, such as safety concerns, monetary loss etc. Also, it helps in saving time, energy and money. The biggest gain would be customer satisfaction which is the main ingredient in the success of your business.

Advantages of GPS Tracking System

A properly integrated real-time GPS tracking system goes a long way in ensuring the safety of school children while travelling in the school bus. It keeps you in the loop in real-time, notifying any unusual activity

The School Bus Tracker has a fully integrated GPS tracking system. Let’s see what the advantages the School Bus Tracker provides with its comprehensive tracking system.

Real-time Information

Undoubtedly the most obvious advantage, real-time information helps you know where your buses are, monitor pick-up and drop-off. You will get information if one of the buses goes off route or if there are unscheduled stops, etc.


Two-way communication is a part of the software, and allows you to get in touch with the bus driver in case of any anomalies.

Improved Accuracy

The real-time information provided by the GPS system is saved. This info can be used to improve your map data, your routes and planning in future.

Student Safety

Get notified if a student steps into the wrong bus or if a student misses a stop and more. The primary aim of the whole software is undoubtedly the safety of students. You can enhance safety by monitoring speed, creating geo-fences and re-routing buses away from accidents.


Control costs by reducing fuel usage, observing on-board engine diagnostics, automating driver logs/timesheets and more.

State of the art Software & Hardware

The School Bus Tracker has a simple, user-friendly interface designed and developed in-house. We use high quality hardware from, leading hardware provider of vehicle tracking systems.

Now, Plan School Bus Routes With School Bus Tracking Software

To schedule transportation is always a herculean task for any school. Sometimes, the route may not be common or some times, special needs of some students have to be taken into consideration. That is where the School Bus Tracker comes into use. The School Bus Tracker can be used effectively for automatic routing and planning.

Automated Data Entry

The software automatically loads student info into the system, thus saving time and reducing manual errors.

Efficient Management

The School Bus Tracker’s interface enables the school authorities to track all activities from a common point. It helps to keep track of school buses and give updates in case of any issues.

Optimized Routing

While routing, the software chooses the most efficient routes with the help of Google Maps.

Children’s Safety

With the School Bus Tracker, the school authorities can easliy choose routes which are safer for the students.

Work Flexibility

With spreadsheets, forms or maps on the display,the School Bus Tracker makes the work easier and smoother .

Customized Software

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the School Bus Tracking Software can be customized according to your choice and requirements with the best tools available for routing and planning.

Your Child’s Accurate Location, From Your Smart Device!


What if you come home one day late from a busy day at work and discover that your child has not come back from school? You will probably call the school first to enquire whether he/she has left school or not. If you find out that the kid has left school, you try to remember the names and numbers of his/her closest friends. You would be in panic mode by now. After a mad scramble, hopefully your child might be found somewhere safely.

But you shouldn't be going through such hugely stressful moments. You and every parent deserve better than that. At a time when technology seemingly does the impossible on a daily basis, you expect a solution or a preventive method for such incidents.

We identified that the best way to ensure your child's safety is to employ school bus tracking. This way, the children doesn't lose their privacy unlike 24 hour tracking facilities. At the same time, parents stay aware of their children's accurate location when it matters.


Does It Work?

The working is quite simple. Your child will have an RFID tag attached with his school identity card. When he enters the school bus, the RFID reader in the bus reads the tag. If he doesn't get in, parents, the bus driver and school authorities are notified. Once he gets in, there is a GPS tracker that is set in the school bus. It sends signals to the satellite. From the satellite, real time location and other information such as bus speed, traffic, etc are fed to the school bus tracker mobile and web applications.

If there is an unscheduled stop or if the bus stops at a stop for more than the usual time, parents get notified. Once the child reaches his school, the RFID tag will be read and you will be able to know your child has reached school safely. The same process is repeated in the evening too, when your child leaves from school and travels by the school bus to home.


Undoubtedly, notifications play a vital role for this process to work smoothly. The notifications are sent to your mobile device. If it is an Android or iOS device, you just need to have our ParentApp in order to get the push notifications. Also, you can open the app and see your child's real time location with stunning accuracy anytime you want to. If yours is a basic phone, you get notified through sms.


The school bus tracker is a software-hardware combo that your child's school should have. It is beneficial to the school authorities for driver management, routing and planning as well. Our children's safety is what matters the most to us. The school bus tracker is a convenient system to do so. So why not try it out.

How Does School Bus Tracking Work? (Video)

How often have we heard of accidents involving school children? National census says some 1,00,000 accidents involving school buses and school kids take place annually. It is not just accidents. There are a lot of incidents of students going missing, especially from bus stops and in some cases, from front of their homes. In the nuclear families these days, parents seldom find time to drop off and pick up their children from bus stops, nor do they have time to wait at the bus stops to help their wards board the bus. All this together with a serious lack of safety measures both on and off the buses is the primary cause for such situations. This is where an efficient and accurate school bus tracker can help you.

Just install a school bus tracking system on your school buses and it ensures the safety of the children. This school bus tracker coupled with a school bus tracking app on your mobile devices, gives you constant updates of your child’s whereabouts. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) is not a tedious task. Anyone can master it. You simply need a hand held mobile device and a track school bus app installed in it. Just check the video below to know how school bus tracker can keep track of your children.



  • Besides tracking your children, a school bus GPS tracking system as the name suggests, helps you track the school bus itself. Using the school bus tracker you can see if a bus follows the route that it is assigned. If any diversion from original route is detected, the GPS on board the school bus immediately alerts the school and the parents.
  • You can keep track of the drivers and their driving patters. Human errors are a predominant factor in most accidents. Sudden braking and acceleration by drivers may lead to accidents. Hence this requires monitoring by a highly reliable school bus tracker. In case of rash driving, the school bus GPS sends alerts to the concerned people.
  • It can monitor fuel consumptions and keep check on pollution. Bus owners find this tech highly useful as it can help in proper maintenance of buses. As rash driving is eliminated, less money is spent on maintenance and repair.
  • You can even keep records of which drivers and students use which bus. So, in case of any emergency it would be possible for the concerned people to pull out the records to track the details.
  • The advantage of using such a system is that it operates in real-time. Hence the delay between collecting and documenting or sending information is greatly reduced. Countries like the US, UK, China, Japan and many more have gone the way of the GPS and it has proved to be helpful to reduce accidents and thereby saving countless lives, especially those of children.
  • GPS tracking systems becomes more relevant at a time when school bus hijacking, molestation and kidnapping are becoming increasingly common. I the wake of such incidents, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it mandatory for all school vehicles to gave GPS tracking systems.

So, would you advocate the use of a GPS School Bus Tracking System for school buses or do you think there are better alternatives available? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

7 Myths About GPS School Bus Tracking Systems

GPS or Geo Positioning System is a satellite based navigation that has been around for decades. This technology has found several applications in different fields. There are cab and taxi services which are managed entirely using GPS Vehicle Management Systems. But despite all this, people are still reluctant to install GPS School Bus Tracking Systems due to some common myths. Let us take a look at some of the myths and uncover the truth

Myth #1

GPS School Vehicle Tracking Systems are about invading student’s privacy by monitoring them 24/7.


The main aim of the GPS vehicle tracking systems is to ensure students’ safety. Are children’s locations tracked? Yes. Are each and every movement of the students monitored 24/7? No. It is only the locations of the children that are tracked, that too when they are in the school bus. Apart from that school managements get the benefits of reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

Myth #2

Drivers hate GPS vehicle tracking system


Your drivers have a lot less to worry if GPS vehicle tracking systems are implemented. There are notifications sent to both parents and the school management if the child doesn’t get onto the correct school bus or if he doesn’t get onto the bus at all. In case of an accident or a mishap, the driver will be able to get better roadside assistance. Above all, there will be solid data for their monthly performance, and therefore they are not required to submit paper work.

Myth #3

GPS Tracking Systems are very difficult to install and use


GPS systems used to be large, bulky and expensive. But now, they are very compact and easily installable. They often come with simple and intuitive web interfaces. Reputed GPS tracking system providers such as Edsys provides you knowledgeable technicians who will install the hardware for you. Also, they will be available anytime you have some service issue as well.

Myth #4

I can track my school bus fleet with mobile phones. So GPS tracking systems are not required.


Despite being revolutionary gadgets, smart devices haven’t still reached the point where they excel at everything. A GPS tracking system provides real time tracking with loads of data that help both the school managements and parents. Statistics can include the number and duration of stops, mileage and fuel consumption, routes and speeding patterns. Moreover, smart devices are less reliable, as people might even forget to switch on the GPS

Myth #5

All GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are equal


GPS vehicle tracking systems have different variations according to their features and functions. There are barebones GPS systems that plainly show the real time location alone. There are also comprehensive systems that provide detailed statistics and other data. The hardware and software of each system can be vastly different too. For instance, Edsys uses hardware from Taximeter, one of the best providers of taxi meters and fare meters in the country. In addition to the difference in the hardware and software, there is also difference in the relationship a provider maintains, and that can make all the difference.

Myth #6

They are too costly to install in our Institution


There are two main benefits to a comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking system – safety of the children and cost savings for the school management. The cost savings usually exceed the cost of installing a GPS system. These savings are repeated every year without you changing the GPS tracking system. The data provided by School bus tracking systems allows you to control or remove inefficiency in routing and planning, excessive overtime, side trips, reckless driving, excess engine idling and more.

Myth #7

This tracking system is relatively new and hence has a lot of shortcomings


Both GPS and RFID technologies used for school bus tracking were introduced decades ago and there are success stories about the system from all over the world. In reality, standalone GPS systems, which were once a rage among travellers, are fast losing popularity to smart devices. But as the reliability of mobile devices as tracking equipment is questionable and impractical on a large scale, they are not ideal options. GPS vehicle tracking systems are far more reliable and feature rich with solid support. So they are ideal for education institutions.

GPS School Bus Tracking System – How Effective It Can Be?

Are you imagining dangerous scenarios once your child's school bus is a little late? It is quite natural. But it would be easier if there was a work around. It is said that there is a solution for all the issues in the world. This issue is solvable too.

Implementing a GPS based tracking system to track school buses is an effective solution to your concern regarding your child's safety. school Bus Tracking is effective because it:

Addresses Safety Concerns

With school bus tracking in place, it is time for the parents to quit worrying whether their child has reached school safely. School Bus Tracking provides real-time updates to parents and school authorities about the student's location using RFID tags and GPS.

Considering its simplicity and utility, this vehicle tracking system is a boon for school authorities as well as parents. Notifications are sent for unscheduled stops, and the real time location can be checked from the system's mobile application; thus quickly finding solutions during emergency situations.

Makes Managing

The RFID school management system would be of great use to school authorities. The software does the routing and scheduling automatically, thus conserving time and energy needed for re-routing and re-scheduling in case of any issues.

Improves Efficiency & Savings

Routing and planning manually can sometimes lead to errors, thereby causing waste of energy, time and money. Having an RFID vehicle management system in place can help in tackling such errors.

By having the RFID vehicle management system, it is possible to calculate the distance covered by the school bus, the fuel consumption etc. Also, you'll be able to analyse the school bus drivers' performance.

Acts as a Solid Record

It is possible for the school authorities to create a record of the activities of each bus of a school by using a GPS vehicle tracking system. Also, if the bus takes a wrong route or if the student has boarded the wrong bus or if he/she goes missing, the parents and school authorities will be notified in a short period of time, helping them to track the student immediately.

The RFID school management system is surely a way to ease the tensions of the parents and the school authorities regarding the whereabouts of students.

Due to the effectiveness and the benefits, the Vehicle Tracking System is on the rise in Dubai these days. To lessen the worries regarding students' safety concerns, it's time for your schools, as well, to start implementing the system.