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27 Best GPS Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

In this fast-paced digital world, there are applications designed to better each and every scenario that make our life smoother and flawless. Have you heard about GPS tracking apps?

This amazing finding is learned to be a great platform for friends, family, educational institutions and even for business ventures.

The awesome features of such GPS tracking apps let you track your friend’s location when you plan a meetup or help parents to track their kid’s location when they go out alone.

You can even track your gadgets easily if it gets stolen.

An advanced GPS tracker app can do a lot more than simple tracking and here we are listing out some of the best available GPS tracking apps for Android and iOS platforms.

1. Find My Friends

gps tracking apps

This amazing GPS tracking app lets your iOS device to easily locate your family and friends. You can experience the best accuracy and notification performance with a stable internet connection.


  • Easily set up location-based alerts
  • Location can be shared temporarily or permanently
  • Support for 3D Touch
  • Multilanguage support

2. GPSWOX Mobile Phone Tracker

You may just install this GPS tracking app on your phone and later track the device from a laptop or other phones for security purposes. This is an ideal application for locating loved ones when traveling alone or for employee tracking when on fieldwork.

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  • Real-time tracking and alerts
  • Find lost or stolen phone
  • Preview history anytime

3. FollowMee GPS Tracker

gps tracking apps

Turn your mobile into a GPS tracking device by utilizing the features of this app. You can make the best use of its possibilities for personal as well as business needs.


  • Real-time tracking or customizable tracking
  • Data privacy is assured
  • Track multiple devices from a single account
  • Full-time vehicle tracking available

4. Life 360

gps tracking apps

This is a globally leading real time location sharing app for iOS and Android platforms. The app can be set up to view the past location history of your particular circle, say kids or family. Most importantly, you will receive automatic notifications when they travel to and from home, school or work.


  • Track a lost or stolen phone
  • Private chat for sharing texts and images

5. Waze-GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

gps tracking apps

With live traffic data and instant routing changes, this efficient app lets you reach your destination in optimal time.

  • ETA is calculated so that you can plan the travel accordingly
  • Finds for you the cheapest gas on the route
  • Real time alerts about traffic, police and hazards

6. MapQuest

gps tracking apps

This is an interesting navigation app that can turn your Android or iOS device into a virtual assistant on your journey. It comes with voice navigation to reach your points of interest through walking or driving.



  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Up to date satellite imagery and maps
  • Optimized routing to save gas, time and money
  • Multipoint routes to includes more stoppages

7. FamiSafe Location Tracking

gps tracking apps

This is a multipurpose parental control GPS tracking app that lets you do more than just tracking. Parenting can be a lot easier with web content filtering, geofence, remote screen time control, monitor and block apps.


  • Kids location tracker lets you identify any unusual or dangerous areas
  • Limit screen time for your kids’ device
  • Real time location tracks the kid’s location at any given time

8. GPS Logger

gps tracking apps

This is a battery efficient and lightweight GPS application that lets you log your GPS coordinates on to an SD card file at particular intervals. After a journey, you can use these details to upload to travel sites, geotag photos or view on Google Earth.


  • Imperial display units
  • Cell phone tower or GPS satellites
  • Auto start on boot

9. Where’s My Droid

gps tracking apps

It is the best ever application in the industry to track your lost Android phone with ease. With this app, location alert can be received on a low battery and you will get notified of SIM change or number change.


  • Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
  • Remotely wipe SD card or phone data
  • Passive location updates and option to take snaps with the device camera.

10. Mobicip

gps tracking apps

This is an efficient app for your iOS or Android device to track your child’s location smartly. Locate your loved ones instantly to know whether they reached the school, work, and picnic spot or home on time and be in peace.


  • Locate all family devices instantly
  • Set healthy limit on child’s digital experience

11. GPS Phone Tracker

gps tracking apps

This is a handy and easy to use application that utilizes the possibilities of GPS technology to assure family safety and protection. You can easily find the location of the device in real-time. This is a great plus to locate your device in case it is stolen or accidentally misplaced somewhere.


  • No compromise inaccuracy
  • Better privacy with no ads

12. TheTruthSpygps tracking apps

This is a great app that lets you track the phones of your loved ones or even track yours in case it gets lost. The app’s features can help you reach the required destination in the best possible hassle-free route.


  • Record calls and messages
  • Social media tracking
  • Block suspicious applications

13. Glympse

gps tracking apps

Share your real-time location with friends, family or co-workers with GPS tracking using this simple, fast and free application. You can set up a Glympse group for a trip or family reunion.


  • Share location in real-time with a dynamic map
  • Be safe as your Glympse automatically expires in the given time
  • Easily send a note to the client with ETA when stuck in traffic

14. Find My Kids

gps tracking apps

Caring parents can utilize this smart application to know that their child is safe even when they are not answering calls or not nearby. You can set to receive notifications whenever your kid leaves or reaches home or school.


  • Get notified if the battery runs out of their phone
  • The child can press the SOS button in danger
  • Communicate with kids in private chat

15. iKeyMonitor

gps tracking apps

This powerful and easy to use GPS tracking app lets parents monitor their kids through Android or iOS platforms. In addition to tracking the current GPS location, the app does a lot more to assure complete safety.


  • Track your kid’s cell phone activities to prevent cyberbullying and protect from cyberstalkers and sexual predators
  • Set healthy time limits and rules to manage their screen usage

16. Family Locator GPS – Safe365

gps tracking apps

This awesome application with GPS tracker and locator is a great asset for your mobile to safeguard parents or grandparents. The panic/emergency button will alert you when they are in need and you can track the phone status information to know more details and reach the spot.


  • Share easily to install links on loved ones’ mobile
  • You can track their mobile-only with their consent

17. Spyera

Install this user-friendly application and track device locations with real-time GPS tracking. The app can run in visible mode or hidden and undetectable mode. The app lets you to remotely set the target Android device’s microphone to record phone surroundings.


  • Track SMS and monitor chat apps remotely
  • User-friendly and easy to install

18. Flexispy Phone Tracker

The app can easily turn your device into a video recorder or remotely controlled camera and spy on social media platforms.


  • The track GPS location of your Android devices
  • Runs in hidden or visible mode
  • Record, intercept and listen live Android phone calls
  • Spy on SMS, Emails, and photos


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This all in one powerful mobile spy app can be a great addition to your Android device that lets you track the mobile activities of kids at home or employees in office.


  • Remotely track messages
  • App even supports offline tracking
  • Cost-friendly and effective
  • About 30 Android Spy features

20. Foursquare Swarm

This easy to use application keeps a log of whichever places you go and you can look back on pins on a personal map in the future. Share the location with your friends circle to see if somebody is nearby to meet up or during an emergency.


  • Lifelog your adventures to keep up good memories
  • Keep track of your friend’s adventures

21. Mobistealth Mobile Tracker

This is more than just a GPS tracking app that not only tracks the device location but also its activities. The app records activities of kids or employees who own the device for future reference.


  • View web browsing history
  • Receive all tracking details on Mobistealth user account
  • Track real-time or historical data

22. mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker

Stay connected online with your loved ones always and know that they are safe with this monitoring and protecting app. This Gps tracking app lets you build virtual fences on the map for kids so that you get notified once they cross it.


  • Real-time location is updated every 20 minutes
  • Contact list monitoring
  • Panic button

23. Google Maps

Navigate in a much faster and smarter way than ever before with this awesome application. Once you install the app, you will easily receive real-time traffic, GPS navigation and transit info.


  • Discover places and explore like a local
  • Offline maps for easy navigation without an internet connection
  • Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic

24. Geo Tracker – GPS tracker

gps tracking apps

You can feel safe when you are traveling alone when you have this Gps tracking app installed on your phone. The app records tracks of the entire trips and shares them with loved ones.


  • The reverse journey can be hassle-free without getting lost
  • The app records even when mobile is switched off

25. Live GPS Tracker

gps tracking apps

This is an ideal GPS app to assist you in travel events or hiking with high-quality GPS-tracks with photos and waypoints. Users have to register with the service at to get the benefits of the app.


  • Send SMS with coordinates
  • Comprehensive GPS monitoring
  • Track records can be accessed offline

26. iTrack – GPS Tracking System

gps tracking apps

This is one of the best stable GPS vehicle monitoring and management applications for Android devices. Users can master the condition of the vehicle in any given time.


  • View the list of vehicles
  • Multi-vehicle monitoring
  • Reverse address inquiries
  • View bicycle track in real-time


27. GPS Route Finder

gps tracking apps

These free GPS tracking apps let you share your location with friends and locate them on a map. You can get to know about the shortest route to your destination whether you are driving or walking. This even comes with an optional digital speedometer to track the speed of the car for a particular journey.


  • Save your time with live traffic updates
  • Free offline maps and address finder

Install any of these amazing GPS tracking apps today on your phone depending on your exact requirements and experience a better life each day.

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Most of these GPS tracking apps are available free of cost and some of them come with subscriptions which you can confirm after a successful trial period. When your loved ones are traveling, this is a great option to know that they are safe.

Even when texting and calling is an option, it may not be always practical when they are driving or in lengthy meetings. These amazing options can be handy at these times and you can invest in them for better peace of mind.

30 Best Schools in Melbourne

The concept of an ideal school is different for all parents. While some look for a good education, others check for advanced facilities, and some will look for sports or arts activities.

Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital is well known for its food, cosmopolitan lifestyle and the universities and schools.


Schools here follow the Australian education system and education is provided in three levels – primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Choosing the right school for your kid is quite a time-consuming task.

Here’s a list of top 30 schools in Melbourne

1. Melbourne Grammar School

schools in melbourne

This school based in the district of South Yarra in Melbourne provides a universal education environment for students.

When it comes to history, this leading school in Australia has a tradition of the brilliance of more than 160 years.

This institution aims at providing a comprehensive education system that is ideal to develop each student’s academic, responsive, emotional and communal growth.

Students will be taught to become independent, at the same time creative and responsible in fulfilling their duties in society.

2. Balwyn High School

schools in melbourne

This leading state school provides a socially varied community and thus aims at offering ways to improve the educational experience of all the students who complete their studies here.

This high school staff works together to provide a safe study environment for children and they work hard to lead in the education sector and to maintain their standard of educational excellence.

The school targets mainly on student’s learning, wellbeing, transition, and engagement, thus making their performance better.

3. The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School

schools in melbourne

This high school for girls, run by the Victoria Department of Education is committed to academic excellence.

The educational experiences provided at this campus helps students to be prepared for the future and be ready to face any challenges that may come across.

Established in 1905, as the Melbourne Continuation School, this school is dedicated to achieving excellent success in the academic level and evolving real leadership skills in students and makes them a complete person.

4. Alphington Grammar School

schools in melbourne

This co-educational grammar school, located in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs aims at ensuring student’s success with proper learning practices.

The school has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in September, with a Grand Ball held at Leonda by the Yarra.

The celebration highlighted its key achievements over three decades.

Teaching as well as the non-teaching staff here helps to prepare students for the changing life, work as well as learning atmosphere.

They also support students in reaching great heights not only in education but also in sports and other activities.

5. Nossal High School

schools in melbourne

Named as one of the top schools in Victoria in 2018, this co-educational school provides a comprehensive variety of courses and co-curricular experiences and programs.

Named after the achievements of Sir Gustav Nossal, a well-known scientist, this school also supports students in sports, creative art, music as well as leadership changes along with academic courses.

Skilled educators in this school strive to provide the best possible learning environment and outcomes for the students.

6. Fintona Girls’ School

schools in melbourne

Established in 1896, this independent girl’s school offers an outstanding education for students from ELC to 12 years.

Located in Balwyn, this educational organization provides academic courses that lead to better personal growth and progress for all their students.

The staff here encourages all their students to be the best in all development sectors.

Along with standard education, a Fintona student can also learn to work independently and even face challenges and win their career goals.

7. Suzanne Cory High School

schools in melbourne

Based in Werribee and started in 2011, this school provides education for talented students from Year 9 to Year 12.

The wide-ranging curriculum at this selective entry school aims at assisting students to move to high levels of achievement.

The admission at this government school will be based on entrance examinations conducted by the Victorian Department of Education and Training during mid-year.

Learning as well as teaching models is based on research at the international level.

8. Belgrave Heights Christian School

schools in melbourne

Founded in 1983 as a primary school, this is now a lively co-educational K-12 school that teaches over 750 students.

This open enrolment school now offers wide-ranging co-curricular choices for students.

Beautiful and peaceful environment, excellent teaching, student engagement activities, leadership building training, sports activities, standard administration system and experienced staff all make this school a unique one.

In a Christ-centered setting, this institution aims at offering high-quality education.

9. Camberwell Grammar School

schools in melbourne

Designed for boys in the local society, this school was started in 1886 by A.B. Taylor.

It follows the current approach to education. The curriculum followed here combines academic learning with arts, music as well as sports. Teaching strategies followed here intend to make their students good citizens.

Students are also encouraged to support the practice of democracy, equal rights to all as well as freedom of religion, speech, and association.

10. Christ Church Grammar School

schools in melbourne

Established in 1910, this primary and secondary day boarding school has a long history in achieving academic success.

The school works with the mission of building good men and each student will be trained to live with a positive attitude even in this challenging living space.

They also support parents to take part in almost all aspects of school life. Teaching strategies are designed to bring out all the abilities of boys and thus enriching their lives.

11. Al-Taqwa College

schools in melbourne

Located outside Melbourne, this Islamic school of Victoria offers its students with the academic curriculum of high standards.

Along with encouraging studies, the college also supports its student’s leadership qualities, which helps them a lot in the future. Focused on quality learning, this institution provides complete education that is required to develop key talents in students and make them self-determining young adults.

The staff here also focuses on developing problem-solving abilities in students.

12. Carey Baptist Grammar School

schools in melbourne

With four campuses in Victoria, this is a co-educational, independent, Christian school started in 1923.

Recognized by the Council of International Schools in the year 2001, this organization provides students with an option to choose the VCE or International Baccalaureate (IB) programs as their final criterion.

Experienced teachers here provide clear feedback that makes the students think and act accordingly and become more responsible.

The courses provided in this school are based on the benefits and skills of each student.

13. Erasmus Primary School

schools in melbourne

Founded in 1996, this primary school is dedicated to providing the best education available.

The team of committed instructors and support staff work together to assist each child to cross through their school years in a dedicated manner.

One among the 11 Renaissance schools worldwide, Erasmus Primary School aims at achieving success in all aspects – let that be educational, physical or creative.  Staff here also encourages students to respect others, sharing and thus build a better personality.

14. Shelford Girls’ Grammar

schools in melbourne

This small but independent school in Melbourne was founded in 1898 and it provides education for the girl’s community.

The academic courses provided here support students to obtain a diversity of skills and capabilities.

Here, staff, as well as scholars, work together in a supportive atmosphere and thus they are encouraged to achieve their potential goals. This institution is also a member of Girls Sport Victoria, as well as the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia.

15. Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS)

schools in melbourne

Ranked as one of the best-performed schools in Victoria, many students have praised this school’s skilled and experienced teaching staff in Google reviews.

Activities in this school such as group discussions in class, combined activities, and behavior training make students perfect and prepare for the future.

Their talent in sports, arts, as well as creativity,  is also awarded, along with academic success.

16. St Catherine’s School

schools in melbourne

A top girl’s school in Toorak, Australia, St Catherine offers an inspiring atmosphere that allows students to focus completely on being responsible young women of the future.

Students are also taught to develop self-discipline. They are trained to be self-governing, brave and artistic at the same time.

Educators here work hand in hand to empower girls to prepare for life and encourage them to participate actively in academic as well as other extracurricular activities.

17. Caulfield Grammar School – Caulfield Campus

Founded in 1881, as a boy’s school, this is one of the richest schools in Australia.

This Grammar school offers a variety of scholarships for academic programs as well as music, drama, and art. The complete focus is on quality earning.

Their comprehensive curriculum allows students to prepare for life. This institution also offers advanced technology to facilitate a better learning experience.

The syllabus offered here is based on the latest trends and best practices in education. Students are encouraged to find their own path.

18. Southmoor Primary School

The lively learning atmosphere and groundbreaking programs in this institute support each student to meet their complete potential in a quiet safe environment.

Students are provided with opportunities to improve their self-confidence and well-being, along with attaining personal accomplishments.

They were trained to meet the challenges in the future and be a perfect human being with intelligence. Students are also allowed to engage in additional activities and sports items along with their regular syllabus.

19. Korowa Anglican Girls’ School

Established in 1890, this school for girls works with a strategic design to support each student, with a better learning atmosphere.

Though named formally as Corowa in 1899, it was later changed to Korowa. Their extended history of academic brilliance, flexible courses, effective teaching styles, and well-facilitated campus makes it an ideal place for your daughter to learn, play and grow.

Their efficient learning programs help students in facing real-world challenges.

20. Fitzroy Community School

This primary school started in 1976 is quite different from many other schools.

A unique school of its kind, Fitzroy Community School creates a different lifestyle that encourages students to love learning and win academic success, thus making them good human beings.

Educators here also focus on their student’s behavior as well as better communication capabilities.

Children will be taught all the required skills to earn better jobs in their lives.

21. Doncaster Gardens Primary School

The school is located in Doncaster East, Australia. Social diversity, commitment to quality learning, safety measures, effective curriculum programs, caring educational atmosphere as well as technically enriched facility makes this institution a great place for your kid.

Custom-tailored syllabus and courses offered here help each student to get the necessary support and extra assistance that make them not only good students but also good and kind human beings.

22. Burwood East Primary School

With its proven history in education, this primary school is focused on making each kid be intellectually and spiritually prepared to meet their academic goals.

The school management works together and encourages students to exploit their potential in all areas of the academic as well as artistic programs.

Parent participation in the programs of the school is also encouraged and parents are free to question and provide feedback on school matters.

23. St Joseph’s Primary School Elsternwick

At St. Joseph’s, culture and schooling include not only academic instruction but also permanent skills to become empathetic and grow to be contributing citizens.

Attractive heritage architecture, rear playground, and painting of the front playground are also factors of attraction to this school.

The education provided here based on the Victorian Curriculum aims at providing a complete and efficient learning atmosphere for students in a safe and happy way.

24. North Melbourne Primary School

Based in North Melbourne, Australia, the North Melbourne Primary School is devotedly dedicated to developing student learning abilities and meeting the needs of all students by providing efficient teaching approaches.

One of the innovative pedagogical teaching methods this institution provides is inquiry learning, which encourages students to ask pivotal questions for detailed analysis.

25. Lauriston Girls’ School

Established in 1901, this institution is a self-regulating, non-denominational, day school for girls, where it has a non-selective enrolment policy.

They also support co-educational for three-year-old and four-year-old Kindergarten and girls-only from Prep school to Year 12.

Lauriston opened its regional campus ‘Howqua’ in the Victorian High Country in 1993 exclusively for their Year 9 students.

This is the first Australian program launched for students to participate in an extensive academic, pastoral and outdoor programs for the entire school year.

26. The Knox School

Founded as Knoxfield College in February 1982, this school is located in the eastern Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It is a self-governing, co-educational and non-denominational day school.

The Knox School is a member of the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne association.

At present, 680+ students are learning at school. The vibrant teachers of this school help in nurturing the adaptive set of skills and values of the students.

27. Kilvington Grammar School


The school is located in Ormond, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia.

To help students become strong, judgmental, caring and thoughtful, the Kilvington education is shaped on four key pillars – Academic Excellence, Character, Community and Care.

Their vision is to be a school of excellence offering a comprehensive education to both girls and boys, allowing them to stand out independently and as part of society.

28. Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

With more than 2,500 students – both girls and boys, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) is a leading multi-campus private school located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The school offers an enriching education.

From Kindergarten to VCE, the school offer co-educational learning environments and an extensive co-curricular program that encourages students to develop their senses of sportsmanship, ingenuity, community, and headship.

29. Firbank Girls’ Grammar School

Established in 1909, by the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Firbank Grammar School is an independent, Anglican, day and boarding school located in the suburb of Brighton, Melbourne, Australia.

The school is both co-educational (Early Learning Centre and Primary School) and girls only.

By providing them the right balance of educational and real-life experiences, Firbank makes their students choose the right path and be independent.

30. Oakleigh South Primary School

Located in a calm area of Oakleigh South, this school is devoted to assisting students in their life period of success.

Along with learning regular academic subjects, students were also trained in Communications Technology, which helps them make their careers.

They were also encouraged to improve with responsibility and grow with self-confidence.

Experienced educators here also contribute to a high standard of learning and teaching.

Hope this list helps you choose the right school for your child!

15 Common Road Hazards and how to deal with them

Nowadays, many qualified drivers consider driving as an easy task and seem to have no worries about it. But, the fact is that there are numerous road hazards in driving and they are still growing.

This blog discusses 15 common road hazards and the best ways to prevent them.

1. Hydroplaning or Skidding Out of Control

Road Hazards

Skidding or sliding of cars occurs when there is a lack of friction between tire and road. This usually occurs when driving in wet or icy conditions, stopping suddenly or entering a turn at a high speed.

Preventive Measures:

You need to adjust your driving in adverse conditions. You need to slow down if the road conditions are anything less than ideal. You should never try to jerk the wheel, as this may cause you to quickly lose control of the vehicle. In addition, you need to maintain your tires properly. This will reduce the chances of hydroplaning.

2. Tire Blowout

Road Hazards

It occurs when a tire bursts that is accompanied by a loss of air pressure.  In fact, most blowouts are caused by too little air pressure. This in turn allows the tire to flex beyond elastic limits until it overheats to the point where the rubber loses its bond to the internal fabric and steel cord reinforcement.

Preventive Measures:

You need to focus on controlling your vehicle and getting safely to the side of the road to assess the situation.

Always be careful of debris on the road, look far in front of you for road debris. Slow down, if you see any and change the lane safely away from debris. You should maintain your tires properly as weak tires are more likely to a blowout.

3. Car Lands in Lake

Road Hazards

This is when your car falls into a deep part of the water.

Preventive Measures:

You need to drive defensively and at a safe speed whenever you are near water.  You should be very careful when driving in flood conditions. You need to avoid flood-prone roads in heavy rains.

If you find yourself in rising water, then get your family out of the car and move to higher ground.

4. Toddler Climbs Out of Car Seat

Road Hazards

It occurs when the toddler unbuckles his/ her car seat belt and stands up in the back of the car.

Preventive Measures:

You should never engage in discussions with your child about why he/she can’t get out of his car seat.

Instead, you need to tell your child that it is not allowed. You should also make sure that the harness is snug enough.

5. Baby Starts Wailing

Road Hazards

It happens when your baby starts to scream and wail while you are driving and you may not be able to console him/ her.

Preventive Measures:

If you are with your spouse, then you need to take turns riding in the back alongside the baby.  You need to play with your baby and keep him/her engaged with soft toys, rattles, and books.

When you are going on long road trips with your baby, you need to take frequent breaks to accommodate his/her needs and to keep you from feeling frazzled.

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6. Car Slams into You

Road Hazards

It happens when a driver coming from the opposite direction runs a red light and fails to see you and his car accidentally hits your front fender, sending plastic, metal, and glass into the air.

Preventive Measure:

You need to drive defensively by staying fully alert on the road. You should not eat, apply makeup, or use a cell phone while driving, and never get behind the wheel if you are sleep-deprived or have been drinking.  Never drive too closely behind another vehicle.

You need to keep a safe following distance while driving.

Use the three-second rule to measure the safe following distance: – When the car ahead of you passes a fixed object such as a sign, fence, corner or overpass, you need to start counting seconds and at least three seconds need to pass before your car passes the same object.

You need to brake firmly before you collide, in the case of an unavoidable crash.

7. Fog Clouds Your View

Road Hazards

These road hazards occurs when the fog completely blocks your vision and makes it difficult to see even the traffic light.

Preventive Measures:

Avoid driving in foggy conditions.  You must reduce the speed of your car if you encounter unexpected fog.

You should open your windows to know the traffic. Always be patient and never switch lanes if you don’t have to.

You should never stop on a busy road in a dense fog. This will put you at risk of being hit.

8. Bicyclists

Road Hazards

It is most common for a cyclist to get hit by a vehicle.

Preventive Measure:

You need to give bicyclists plenty of room and keep an eye out for them. In fact, some bicyclists tend to drive too closely to cars.

Therefore, you need to keep a safe distance from bicyclists on the road.

9. Small Animals

Road Hazards

These road hazards occur when you accidentally hit a small animal while driving your car.

Preventive Measure:

In this case, you must weigh your potential loss of life against theirs.  You need to be extra careful when trying to avoid them. Never put your life or vehicle in danger.

When you are about to hit a small animal, you need to brake rather than swerving to avoid it as swerving can lead to a worse collision with a tree or an oncoming vehicle.

10. Pedestrians

Pedestrians are greatly vulnerable to being hit by vehicles and bicycles. A person who jaywalks or recklessly cross a street creates a hazard for themselves and drivers.

Here are a few safety tips for pedestrian:

  • When walking at night, you need to wear reflective clothing. It alerts the drivers that you are on the side of the road.
  • You need to walk with a flashlight.  This alerts vehicles and cyclists that you are on the sidewalk.  However, you need to keep your flashlight pointed towards the ground.
  • You need to walk on the sidewalks.
  • When you are walking with your dogs or any other pets, try to keep them on a short leash. You must also ensure that they cannot slip their heads out of their collars or escape their harnesses.   You need to walk in between the road and your pet.
  • You need to cross only when the walking signal is displayed.
  • Pedestrians should avoid using mobile phones while crossing the road.
  • Drivers should be aware of their surroundings. They must focus on driving safely in a pedestrian dense area such as a shopping center.

11. Construction Zones

Road Hazards

Road construction zones are a deadly road hazards for workers, motorists, and pedestrians.

Preventive Measure:

When you come across a construction zone, you need to slow down and drive carefully.  You must be prepared to safely change lanes and watch out for road workers.

12. Potholes

Potholes can be highly dangerous when some drivers try to swerve around a pothole and get into accidents. 

Preventive Measures:

If you see a pothole on the road, keep a firm grip on your steering wheel.  You need to slow down and if you feel it is safe, try to drive around the pothole.

13. Large Trucks

These road hazards occur when a passenger vehicle collides with large trucks.

Preventive Measures:

It is recommended that if you are following a truck,  stay out of its blind spots or “NoZone” to the sides and rear.

You should avoid following a truck too closely. You need to position your vehicle; which makes it possible for the truck to see it in his or her side mirrors.

A truck merging into traffic requires more time to accelerate and reach a normal speed than a car’s needs.

You must be prepared to slow down to allow the truck to merge safely. If you encounter a truck coming from the opposite direction, you need to keep as far as possible to the side in order to avoid a sideswipe accident and to reduce the wind turbulence between the two vehicles.

Truck drivers usually have to swing wide to the left to safely make a right turn.  You need to give them plenty of room, and never cut in between them and the curb or shoulder to the right.

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14. When Children are Nearby Walking or Playing

Road Hazards

Children lack the capacity to assess the situations or circumstances shrewdly.  They do not know how dangerous moving vehicles are and can suddenly run to chase a ball across the street, or simply to go home.

Preventive Measure:

Whenever you see children around while driving, try to reduce the speed of the vehicle and prepare to stop.

15. Blinded by Glare

It is when the glare from the headlights of a car coming from the opposite direction with high beams falls directly on your eyes. This can lead to blurriness and this temporary blindness often leads to accidents.

Preventive Measure:

You need to check your eyesight on a regular basis and if you wear spectacles or contact lenses, then keep them up-to-date.

Older people should avoid night driving and if it is necessary, then they need to drive slowly.

Always choose to drive on the slow lane on multilane highways. You should drive slowly and adjust your speed to the reach of your headlights.

Looking down toward the right side of the road helps you from being blinded by the high beams that directly fall into your eyes.  You should also concentrate on the edge of the lane or the painted edge line until the vehicle passes.


A driver should be careful while driving to avoid serious road hazards that may occur at any time.

Driving is not an easy job, it should be done with focus. So next time when you start your vehicle be careful and move safe.

25 Best Schools in Chicago

Most parents use data as well as statistics from the U.S. Department of Education and other trustworthy resources to find the best schools in their area.

When it comes to Chicago, most top-rated public schools are ranked based on how they perform on state-wide tests, in graduation exams as well as how good they prepare their students for college.

Whether you are looking for a primary school to provide your children with primary or elementary education or even a secondary or high school, here’s a list of the 25 Best Schools in Chicago.

1. River Woods Elementary School

Schools In Chicago

This primary school works with an ideal mission of providing learners with significant, distinguished learning experiences, teamwork and a common vision for success, and thus retaining a safe and responsible school climate.

Located on Chicago’s southeast side, north of the Easter Lake area, this school provides education for more than 500 students each year in their pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms.

Based on last year’s report, this school in chicago has ranked better than 96.9% of elementary schools in Illinois and was also ranked 5th among 14 ranked elementary schools in the Naperville School District. Reports also highlight that most students here are performing above grade level.

2. Walter Payton College Preparatory High School

Schools In Chicago

Since its beginning in 2000, Walter Payton College Preparatory High School has been serving as an international model for global teaching and learning.

Situated in the north side of Chicago, this is a school with award-winning status for its outstanding math, science, fine arts, humanities as well as adventure education programs.

Students can also benefit from extracurricular activities, sports programs and student-driven clubs in the school.

Factors that attract anyone to this school include

  • diverse student and staff populations
  • nationally recognized debate teams
  • better attendance rate

3. Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Schools In Chicago

Run by the Chicago Public Schools district, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School was founded in 1975. Based near West Side neighborhood in Chicago, this school aims at creating a positive as well as a friendly, varied and challenging learning community.

Ranked as the 5th most challenging high school in Illinois, 4th best Chicago high school and the 2nd most diverse high school in the U.S., this high school features preparatory curriculum with two programs that need special application and entrance testing – The Magnet High School Program for Grades 9–12 and The Academic Center for Grades 7–8.

The school also provides support for students in developing diverse fine arts programs including graphic design, band, guitar, orchestra, choir, drama, sculpture, theater and more

4. Bronzeville Classical Elementary School

Schools In Chicago

Through their unique education model, they aim at providing students with the base knowledge to discover and obtain a clear understanding of the world around them and act accordingly.

Their problem-based learning helps in facing real-world issues along with making students economically advanced. The staff here is well trained to prepare each student for those 21st-century jobs which is to be created.

This school community’s accelerated academic programs are taught above grade level, which helps the students to attain their highest academic latent. This school was also in news recently for helping empower young girls at elementary schools through science and gardening.

5. Northside College Preparatory High School

Schools In Chicago

Ranked #2 in Illinois High Schools, this public high school was founded in 1999 and is situated in the North Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. The first as well as new CPS high school that was built in last 20 years, it provides a unique learning community.

Key factors that all work together to make this school a great place for public education includes

  • gifted, dedicated students
  • progressive and expert faculty
  • caring and supportive parents
  • supportive benefactors
  • community partners

In grades 9-12, this school has 1,069 students with a student-teacher ratio of 18:1. Reports highlight that 89% of students in this top-rated, public school are at least proficient in math and 94% in reading.

6. Lindblom Math and Science Academy (LMSA)

Schools In Chicago

Located on Chicago’s South Side, in West Englewood, this public 4-year selective enrollment high school aims at drawing the best students from all areas of the city.

Ranked 11th within Illinois and one among 106 high schools in the Chicago Public Schools list, this academy provides students with the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams.

In National Rankings, this school has been ranked #272. Baxter International Inc. has collaborated with this reputable academy to construct the Biotechnology Center for Excellence. With this initiative, students can connect their classroom studies to real world experiences.

7. Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Schools In Chicago

A 3 year residential public high school based in Aurora, IL, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is focused on developing artistic, moral leaders in mathematics, science, engineering as well as technology. has ranked this school as the top Public School in America in 2019. IMSA provides tutoring through research, innovative undertaking and tactical partnerships and thus aims at creating academically talented Illinois students. 

8. Vernon Hills High School (VHHS)

Schools In Chicago

Located in the northern suburb of Chicago, Vernon Hills High School or VHHS is ranked 23rd within Illinois. This public 4-year high school with about 1300 students works with a mission to create talented scholars who travel around and discover the most innovative creations.

Being a part of Community High School District 128, this community also includes Libertyville High School

9. Jones College Prep High School

Schools In Chicago

Established in August 1998, Jones College Prep High School is run by the Chicago Public Schools district. Being the first school in Chicago to engage in the Cooperative Work-Study program, this school is dedicated to preparing students for a life span of achievement.

With a tradition of academic excellence and ethnic and cultural diversity, this school is dedicated to fulfilling each student’s potential in academic, creative, material, as well as socio-emotional dimensions.

10. Lane Tech College Prep High School

Schools In Chicago

The largest high school in Chicago accommodating about 4,200 students, Lane Tech College Prep High School is a leader among the most exceptional educational foundations in the area.

This school’s set of courses is based on college preparatory education and aims at building the school’s technical tradition. Here, students can enjoy more continuous learning, with the same amount of instructional days as other schools.

11. Glenbrook South High School

Schools In Chicago

Based in Chicago, Glenbrook South High School serves 2,972 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 15:1.

This public 4-year high school offers a unique instructional program that is designed to meet the educational requirements of a varied student population.

This school also takes pride in expanding its contributions to all crucial areas such as Arts, Academics, Athletics as well as Activities.

 12. Metea Valley High School

Schools In Chicago

Started in August 2009 in DuPage County, Metea Valley High School is one among the four high schools run by the Indian Prairie School District, which is the 5th largest district in IL.

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Here, students get opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum and so they can excel in all subject areas. They have the most supportive teachers of any selective enrollment high school.

13. Phoenix Military Academy High School

Schools In Chicago

With almost 540 students in grades 9 to12, Phoenix Military Academy High School is ranked 9th position within Illinois.

This academy aims at developing young people to become good civilian and leader with surprising quality as well as a clear idea for victory.

Most courses that are offered allows for greater depth of study, along with replicating the seminar courses at the university level.

14. Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy


Opened in 2005, in Forest Park, Illinois, Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy is one of the latest schools in the Proviso Township High Schools District 209.

This school works with the mission of developing the mutually dependent and worldwide learner with an advanced set of courses that improves their problem-solving capability.

Along with academic brilliance, students will also be taught to be all-time learners and universal citizens.

15. Abraham Lincoln Elementary School


With a successful history of over 135 years, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School is serving the Lincoln Park community with great pride.

Chosen as an International Gifted School, this school has one of the most prominent educational programs in this world. By balancing custom and novelty, they provide outstanding opportunities for students in all relevant backgrounds.

16. Adlai E. Stevenson High School


Named on behalf of its former Illinois governor Adlai E. Stevenson II, this Adlai E. Stevenson High School was opened in the year 1965.

This School Community works hard to reach excellence by engaging students in significant experiences. The faculty, parents and staff here are determinedly dedicated to nurturing the great minds and leaders of tomorrow.

17. Oscar Mayer Magnet School


Oscar Mayer Magnet School is dedicated to promoting students to become lifelong learners.

Their pioneering teaching techniques are designed to promote academic curiosity and support the principles of an engaged population. Courses offered here are based on Montessori and an International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program.

18. Solorio Academy High School

Named in tribute to Eric Solorio, Eric Solorio Academy High School works with the mission of providing all students with the awareness, talent, and discipline essential to graduate from college and have an optimistic impact on their living communities.

This public 4-year high school serving 1,185 students is successful in creating a supportive atmosphere to improve student’s problem-solving skills.

19. Decatur Classical School

Positioned among the top 1% of all schools in Illinois, Decatur Classical School provides a supreme educational experience for all their students.

Your kids can also benefit from an innovative curriculum which supports the investigation, decisive thinking, as well as the application of educational tools.

They follow common core principles to connect students in high quality accelerated teaching.

20. Beaubien Elementary School

Initially named the Jefferson and later named after the French dealer Jean Baptiste Beaubien, Beaubien School provides a fostering school atmosphere that accommodates gifted and talented students of diverse populations.

This community also promotes other activities that keep your children active such as chess club, band, robotics club, sports program, science and math club and more.

21. Amundsen High School

Being a part of Chicago Public Schools, Amundsen High School serves almost 1,200 students. The school is well known for its outstanding student success results as well as competitive educational and supplementary programs that meet this 21st-century competence.

The courses offered here are intended to develop each student’s talent and thus make them free thinkers for their lifetime. They can also gain good knowledge of other subjects including languages, technology as well as arts.

22. Skinner North Classical School

Since September 2009, Skinner North has been striving towards achieving academic excellence and improving social skills to all their students.

Along with competitive courses and coaching, this school also provides other key facilities such as a library, cooking kitchen, science and computer labs, a large auditorium, and more.

Dedicated and experienced staff here put their hands together to establish highly successful rules to support teamwork and leadership.

23. Chicago Bulls College Prep

Named after the basketball team – Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bulls College Prep is a part of the Noble Network of Charter Schools.

This school aims at organizing learners for their graduation, by teaching them respectable personality, self-discipline, and a healthy standard of living.

Caring staff at this community provides valuable instructions to students to sculpt them in an academically sophisticated environment.

24. Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences

Along with creating knowledgeable and educated citizens, this college preparatory high school provides an opportunity to learn agriculture and develop marketing skills in learners.

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Their mission is to change the illustration of built-up agriculture, by producing technologically advanced graduates. This Midwest attracts students and parents for its inventive curriculum, failure avoidance and excellent motivation for students.

25. Corliss High School

Named after George Henry Corliss, an American engineer, this high school provides all necessary support for student to make sure that all whom they educate are really successful.

They also offer Advanced Placement coursework as well as exams for learners. Many reports have already proven this school student’s proficiency in math as well as reading.

Hope this list helps you choose the best school to build your child’s career.

Why We Need School Bus Drivers In This Age Of Automation

School buses are considered to be the safest mode of transportation of students to and from schools. A school bus driver is the most responsible person involved in the transportation of children to school and back. He is the main interface between students, their parents and the school.

He is the main interface between students, their parents and the school.

A school bus driver is the most responsible person involved in the transportation of children to school and back. He is the main interface between students, their parents and the school.

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The advancements in technology have brought about innovations in the field of manufacture of vehicles.

Driverless autonomous vehicles are being tested by leading vehicle manufacturers, whether it would be practical to use these buses to transit children needs to be assessed.


A school bus driver is responsible for the safe transportation of students. His duties are not merely confined to that of driving alone. He is in charge of the students during the time they are on the bus.

He picks the students from pre-designated stops at fixed timings. Any delay in the schedule is intimated to the parents. Traffic jams, accidents and other disruptions on the school bus route are informed to the school.


The school bus driver’s role as a communicator is of utmost importance. The parents feel comfortable to leave their children in the hands of a reliable and able bus driver. Similarly, the school management is at ease when they are convinced that student safety is assured.

The bus driver is the most often met personnel of a school. The parents meet the driver on a daily basis and communicate with him. A smiling and friendly bus driver reaches out to the children as well as the parents.

The students on the bus tend to fight and bully each other. It is the bus driver who resolves these minor skirmishes. Any major fight or quarrel is reported to the school authorities. It is the school bus driver’s duty to ensure discipline and safety on the bus. He has to see that no injury is caused.


Technology and automation have resulted in the production of driverless buses. Driverless buses, as the name suggests, helps in doing away with drivers.

Driverless buses are a boon when school bus drivers are in shortage. As such, the system does not seem to need human drivers any more.

Recruitment and hiring of drivers can be a gargantuan task involving high expenditures. Autonomous buses will reduce the costs and the several constraints in hiring drivers.

The need for staff, both supervisorial and managerial staff to manage the drivers and the human resources staff to recruit them, is minimal. A decrease in personnel means drastic reductions in operating costs.

Autonomous vehicles are considered safer. Driverless vehicles are not likely to engage in risky driving. Driver inattention or the driver’s lack of knowledge of the rules is not relevant. The vehicles obey traffic rules and travel at a steady speed.

The numerous sensors, cameras and radars on the autonomous vehicles detect traffic lights, recognize obstacles and brakes autonomously. When the bus approaches the stops, the doors are opened and closed automatically.

The cameras scan the road and the radars monitor the traffic ahead. The data generated drives the bus on an exacting and precise route.

Autonomous buses are efficient in routing and scheduling school bus trips. They follow set routes scheduled to be covered in fixed times. It is easy to change the routes if required.

The wear and tear of an autonomous vehicle is less than that of a human-driven vehicle due to the predictive driving style. Frequent accelerations and braking do not happen as the vehicle travels at steady speeds.

The vehicles have lower fuel consumption and lower emission rates. This reduces vehicle breakdowns and curtails maintenance expenses.

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The reduced expenses make it cheaper to utilize autonomous school buses, improving the mobility and the speed of operations.

The low-risk, low-speed driverless vehicle would help schools in cutting costs and improving the efficiency of their transportation system.


A shift to automated autonomous buses will eliminate the need for drivers causing huge unemployment issues in the community.

An automated driverless bus can solve mobility issues. But in areas where human interaction is required it fails.

Parents choose school buses as the means of transportation as it is considered the safest option with a responsible driver on board. A good percentage of parents are not willing to let their children ride in driverless vehicles.

Parents are at peace when knowing their child is in safe hands. Students feel comfortable when travelling with a known person. Driverless buses will not cater to these emotional needs. This human need is of importance and is of concern when not addressed.

Bus drivers who have been servicing the same route over a period of years are known to the students and parents. He is compassionate and helps students when in distress. The driver is a figure they look up to as role models. Drivers, in many cases, are even treated as part of the family.

Special needs children need to be assisted into the bus. The school bus driver is trained to help them. The needs of special children cannot be met by an autonomous vehicle.

An adult authority on a school bus becomes necessary to maintain discipline and safety on board. Problems like fights and quarrels between students have to be addressed before it escalates to violence.

In cases of emergency, like a fire, an adult on the bus will help in guiding the children into safety. When breakdowns and accident occurs mid-way to school, the students on the bus have to be transferred to a safer transport while still on the road.

It is the school bus driver that assists the students in these emergencies. An autonomous vehicle with no driver will lead to disastrous results in such cases.

A school bus driver keeps watching the students on the bus. If he finds a child predator, which has inadvertently entered the bus, he can inform the police and all authorities concerned to safeguard the children on the bus. In a driverless bus this aspect of safety cannot be governed.

The bus driver acts as a liaison between the students on the bus and the school. They are the first to respond to any crisis. Any untoward occurrences encountered on his route are reported immediately enabling school administration to respond quickly.

Another drawback noted in autonomous vehicles is that despite the numerous functions on board, the cleaning and vehicle inspection cannot be assigned to any software. It would be complicated to assign these functions to robotic designs and may result in inaccuracy.


Autonomous buses, in a school’s context, may be used ideally when buses are required for special events.

When a breakdown occurs to a regular bus on a scheduled trip, driverless buses can be deployed in picking up the students and completing the trip. This operation will save time and inconvenience to the students.

In short, driverless buses can be used occasionally to assist and increase the efficiency of the normal bus operations.

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Autonomous buses can be utilized as school buses as the cost of operation is low. But an adult on board the bus is essential to ensure the happiness of the student and the parent alike. As for the school, an aide on board the bus is necessary to maintain the discipline and safety of the students.

Though fully automated vehicles require no drivers, the need for personnel on board to assist with discipline and safety is envisaged. A school bus driver’s human touch will still be required. An autonomous vehicle can never be a match for human interaction.

Sex Offenders On School Buses

Sexual offenses are of different types. Rape, child molestation and sexual abuse are the most common. Rapists commit rape, child molesters sexually abuse minors and sexual abuse is forceful sexual contact.


Sex offenders use different modus operandi to lure or abduct their victims. Children are innocent and are unable to comprehend a predator’s actions.

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Sex offenders can be found on the school buses and off the school buses at bus-stops and near schools.


Sex offenders on school buses

Sex offenders manage to get on the school buses mainly when it has been parked at locations or when the driver leaves the bus unattended for a short while. This happens mostly when the children go out on field trips or school picnics.

sex offenders on school bus

Sex offenders, mainly interested in molesting children, pry open the doors of the bus or simply walk in. They hide behind the bus where the driver’s visibility is low. It is horrifying for all to find an offender amidst a bunch of students.

It is now mandatory that the drivers do a walk-through of the bus while entering or exiting a bus. This ensures that no one has entered and that the seats are empty. He has to do a front- to- back check of the bus before he lets the children in.

In some cases, the sex offender steals a school bus and drives it along the route found in the bus. This happens when the keys are left on the bus. Bus drivers have to take extra care to see that the keys are off the bus and the windows and doors are locked before he leaves the bus.


Sex offenders off school buses

School bus stops are normally decided upon by taking into consideration parental demands as well as traffic regulations. The potential hazard mostly overlooked is the proximity of the bus stops to sex offender’s homes.

sex offenders on school bus

It is dangerous to have children wait unsupervised near homes of habitual offenders with a past history of sexual abuse. Sexual predators stalk and abduct children. Locating stops at such places are causes for trouble.

School districts while charting the routes and fixing stops do not always succeed in steering clear of sex offender proximity. But they do heed to parental concerns and shift the stops as per their request.



A register with the police provide a list of sex offenders in a particular area.  School districts can access them before fixing stops. These lists are available to transportation personnel and the public.

Several states publish data online with details of name, street address and photo and even criminal history of the sex offender.  They are categorized as low, medium and high risk offenders. Medium and high-risk offenders are those who have committed violent crimes or who repeat offenses.

School officials are entitled to view this list. Parents and community members can access this list. It would be advisable to consult all parties concerned before a stop is fixed or moved. This will help in reducing potential danger to the children.

As the parent it would be advisable to do a pre-emptive check on the neighborhood for any sex offenders residing there. All registered offenders do not pose a threat as they may not be involved with children. It would be pertinent to be constantly aware of them and to not instigate a problem with them.

Parents have to chaperone their children to the bus-stop however inconvenient it may be. Chaperoning duties can be shared among parents of children using the same bus stop.

Even if the bus stop is moved from the vicinity of a sex offender he will still be in the neighborhood. Hence it would be wise to escort the child to the bus stop daily to ward off any unwanted situations.

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School districts are to be notified by parents of any danger to their child’s safety. If alerted promptly the bus stops can be moved.

Each school district being different, the policy on sex offenders differ. It is best the parents update themselves and be aware of the policies.

Software used in school bus routing and scheduling have functions that alert the user when the bus stop is close to that of a registered offender. The application treats the student similar to that living on a hazardous road and creates a bus stop in front of the student’s residence.

Educating children, parents and community members about the possible predatory behavior of child molesters is essential. Distributing pamphlets, information, public announcements to parents, students, teachers, school staff, the care givers can create awareness of the potential problems. Persons who are frequently in touch with children should be wary and pay attention to any such individuals.

Educating the young students about the threats they may face from the apparently friendly strangers and known persons is necessary. Children of all ages have to be educated on unnatural behavior in an age-appropriate manner that they can comprehend.



Sexual conduct against a child, predatory sexual assault, stalking a child, using a child in sexual acts, distributing indecent material to children, luring a child, aggravated assault on a child and persistent sexual abuse are crimes of sexual exploitation.

The maximum penalty for these crimes against children is 15 years of imprisonment and the minimum sentence is probation depending on the crime. 

If the sex offender is a driver, they are permanently disqualified or banned for 5 years depending on the severity of the action.

Behavioral aspects

To detect sex offenders who are not registered is not easy. They skillfully manipulate the child, family and community with kindness and charm.  His behavior is attributed to normal adult-child relations. His deviant intentions go unnoticed.

The sex offender gains access to the vulnerable child, gains the child’s trust, and assures the child’s secrecy to avoid disclosure. He will try to isolate the child from the rest.

sex offenders on school bus

Child molesters seek jobs that bring them into contact with children. They come as teachers, bus drivers, coaches or even counselors. In professional capacities the molester has access to the child alone after school hours or on field trips.


The chances of convicted sex offenders repeating an offense cannot be gauged accurately. Professionals dealing with them admit that a good number of them do re-offend. 

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Adult sex offenders are found unlikely to change in behavior even with counseling and help. Experts say that most of the offenders repeat if not given professional help.

No amount of technology can completely protect children from harmful situations. School and parents have to work together to offer protection to the children.

5 Key Points For School Districts To Reduce Operating Costs

School districts constantly face the predicament of increasing expenses versus decreasing revenue. They have to provide education without compromising on quality.

Reducing operating costs involves controlling expenses by eliminating unnecessary spending or reducing costs to stay with the constraints of a budget.

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The costs of day to day operations can be curtailed with close monitoring of factors that aid in reducing expenses.


1. Financial plan

The very first step for school districts is to draw up a financial plan within the budget provided. This can then be used as a benchmark to monitor progress and expenses.

The plan needs to list the cost of significant activities listed out for the academic session, the specific strategy to be used in carrying out the activities and the resources to be used to complete the activities successfully.


A periodic comparison of costs incurred in all schools in the district will serve as a tool to guide the schools on economizing expenses.

Shortfall faced in revenue points to poor management of resources.  Any financial surplus or excess balances in the school districts indicate that the money is not being used wisely to improve the outcomes of the children. Hence balancing the budget is extremely crucial in effectively running a school.


2. Staffing costs

The cost of hiring personnel forms the major share of a school district’s budget. It is estimated that 80% of the budget is spent on employees.

Schools have to utilize their staff to the best effect. Hiring competent teachers reduce training costs. Support roles have to be created for the staff so that they can be deployed in lieu of staff absences.

Recruitment costs have to be kept to a minimum. Strategies to retain staff and reduce staff turnover have to be implemented. Reducing workloads help in staff retention.

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Staffing needs to be flexible based on the number of students. At the start of academic sessions, the total number of students and teachers has to be tabulated.

Surplus teachers in any school may be deployed to schools facing shortage of staff instead of being kept idle. This will help in curtailing excessive recruitment.

Digital resources provided to teachers for lesson preparation saves time. Multiple users can use the resources saving expenditure in procuring them. Replacing manual attendance registers with automated ones saves expenses on stationery.

Teachers are to be deployed where they have maximum impact. This is to be decided from the results attained in the various activities.

Employment of two part-time staff to cover the duties of full-time employee results in an increase in health insurance costs. It is better to employ full-time employees to reduce costs.


3. Transportation costs

Expenses on fuel are the highest in transportation costs. A fleet of school buses catering to all the schools in the district will be beneficial in lowering transportation expenses.

 A school bus plying on a single route may be scheduled to pick up students of different schools residing on that particular route. This reduces the need for separate buses for each school.

Implementing routing software ensures the routes taken by the buses are efficient and reasonable. The software minimizes the number of buses needed while optimizing transportation times.

This automatically reduces fuel consumption, the number of drivers and support staff, and wear and tear of the vehicle subsequently lowering expenses.

Cost of purchase of new buses can be shared between schools. The cost of maintenance too is shared. In case of breakdowns, replacement buses can be deployed from the fleet quickly saving cost and time. Prudent disposal of old buses will reduce the cost of major maintenance.


4. Utility bills

Another key factor to reduce expenses is to intentionally bring down the electricity bills. Lighting accounts for half of the electric bills in all schools.

Replacing standard light bulbs with energy efficient LED light bulbs and fixtures in all schools will drastically reduce energy consumption. Low watt compact fluorescent bulbs can be used in classrooms.

Automated systems to switch off all lights, fans and air-condition equipment at specified times can be installed. Occupancy sensors that automatically turn off the lights when no one is in the room can be installed in classrooms and other common areas to save energy and reduce the expenses on electricity.

To minimize heating and cooling costs programmable thermostats can be installed. This will help to minimize operating hours of the system in low occupancy areas like the gym and cafeteria. Regular maintenance of the filters maximizes efficiency and minimizes utility bills.

Another area of high energy demand is in the functioning of office equipment, computers, refrigerators and other appliances. All equipments are to be connected to surge protectors and have to be turned off when not in use during the night, over weekends and during holidays.

Installation of energy star equipment can save up to 50% on costs. Regular maintenance protects the appliances and detects leakages or short circuits if any.

Conditioning the users to more conservative ways of usage and energy-minded behavior will help in control of the utility bills. This includes the use of less water and turning off lights when leaving the area of operation.


5. Optimal use of resource and facilities

The administrators have to enforce the use of technology to reduce paperwork, printing and postage. E-mails and telephone messages have to be sent to communicate with schools and parents.

Online banking systems have to be adopted for payments thus eliminating the need for paper checks.

Leasing of lines for software and internet applications might turn expensive in the long run with rental costs being increased periodically.

A one-time investment, though heavy, will prove beneficial in cutting costs. The costs can be shared by schools functioning close to each other.

The school districts need to have a centralized purchase program wherein all the requirements are consolidated and supplied.

This type of procuring helps in obtaining volume discounts. They get better deals than buying at retail stores. This saves time and the need for  

In today’s scenario where technology helps logistics immensely, it is not necessary to have large spaces for storage.

Purchase orders can be placed only when required, specifying the time and date of delivery, to avoid overstocking of materials. The districts can thus save on money spent on hiring warehouses and other storage spaces.

If the number of students and employees are higher in a school, catering in-house might prove cost-effective. School districts can think of a centralized kitchen supplying to all schools.

This involves transportation costs. Cost comparison between outdoor and in-house catering would be ideal before a decision is taken.


Building maintenance is an area which normally is overlooked and results in major expenditure. Implementation of regular building checks to detect problem areas is essential.

An in-house ad-hoc maintenance team would be ideal rather than maintenance providers. This team can be utilized for other services during down times.

An in-house ad-hoc maintenance team would be ideal rather than maintenance providers. This team can be utilized for other services during down times.

It would be advisable to have pamphlets distributed on energy conservation methods to students and staff.

Posters placed around the school stating the need for conservation of energy and resources will serve as constant reminders.

It is always worthwhile to collaborate with other schools to share details of processes and ideas to achieve economies of scale.

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Regular evaluation of the school’s performance allows for better allocation of funds to the more successful activities.

Whatever the factors involved, general awareness to reduce expenses has to be created in all persons and activities involved. The efforts initiated on individual school levels will reflect on the school district’s success in reducing operating expenses.

Inexpensive Gifts for Your Fellow Students (School Bus Driver Viewpoint)

Not only teachers, school bus drivers also provide gifts for students in their bus, when they return back to school after or before vacation or in any special occasion or even during their retirement.


However, choosing the right gifts to express appreciation for them can be a huge challenge mainly due to high prices. Often, drivers cannot afford costly gifts that too for all the students in the bus.

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Here are some inexpensive gift ideas to surprise students

1. Crayons


Crayons are perfect options that add charm to a driver’s gift. Your gift will be really great for those young artists, as they can use the most vibrant colors in their little hands to expose their talent.

Often this set comes in a convenient package and also includes a crayon sharpener. You can also make crayons from old and broken ones, that too in any shape you prefer which will really write younger students

2. Water bottles – personalized

water bottles

Students will love such aluminum, steel or plastic water bottles that are personalized.  Along with keeping students hydrated, they will be pleasant to see their names written in it, while coloring you can use sharpies or even colored stick-on letters to decorate these cost effective bottles.

3. Play dough

Play dough

Play dough is a valuable gift, as it offers a variety of educational opportunities for kids in classroom as well as home. It can improve motor skills and can also release stress.

With play dough, it is also easy to teach all math shapes and concepts. You can even make the dough at home with an easy recipe and present it to students. Making play dough is easy using flour, salt, water, vegetable oil as well as food coloring.

4. Painted rocks

Painted rocks

This is an easy to make gift. Just collect flat smooth rocks from outside and then paint them well with attractive colors and designs that kids like. These designs will also provide the best rock painting ideas for kids.

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Make sure to clean and dry the rocks before painting the rocks. Magical markers can also be used instead of paint. Types of rocks you can choose for painting include sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic.

5. Game boards

Game boards

This game board can provide happy memories for kids with their family and friends during weekends and vacation. Such a game can also build solid relationships between students in classroom. This provides them training to come out of challenges and win the situation.

You can also design your own board games that can even serve as an educational tool. For instance, creating math games help kids to improve their knowledge in math facts as well as concepts in new ways and environments.

6. Stamped pencils

Stamped pencils

These are less expensive gifts for students, which they will be using for a long time. Not only names, you can also write up some sweet or inspirational messages or phrases in such pencils. Hexagon shape pencil sets provide space to stamp either student’s name or any quotes.

These pencils can be made easily at home, for which you require only a few items such as metal stamp set, metal heart stamp, small hammer, pencils and small stamp pad. Let them add this gift to their pencil cases.

7. Punch balloons

Punch balloons

Sure, kids will like this lovely gift. These balloons are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor fun and events.

Available in different sizes and colors, these balloons that are good for punching and bouncing also keeps children active as well as entertained. It is better to let the children blow them or at the end of the day in class.

8. Elf hats

Elf hats

If it is Christmas occasion, elf hats are perfect gifts for kids. These elf hats will take students to a holiday season. It is also easy to make these easy to wear as well as comfortable hats at home.

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Also the key items required for this craft such as glue, stapler, cotton ball, construction paper, scissors and a pen will often be available at home.

Hope these ideas help you buy wonderful gift for students without breaking your savings.

What To Do When A School Bus Catches Fire

Bus transportation is considered as one of the safest modes of transit for students. But, a fire resulting from a collision or failure of a component puts lives at risk and can have an enormous impact on operational costs as well.

There are diverse reasons that can cause fire in a school bus – due to mechanical failures, wires got loose and rub against engine parts, overload of circuit boards, explosion of tires or even leaks that release inflammatory fluids.

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In most cases, school bus fires start in the engine area, running gear, or wheel area of the vehicle. Studies analyze that the most frequent cause of ignition was failure of equipment or heat source.

Along with transporting students safe to and from school, school bus drivers and attendees may have to handle even certain emergency situations such as a bus crash, accident or fire.


In such a situation, they are responsible to supervise all students and follow procedures for the appropriate release of students

According to the U.S. government statistics, on an average – 379 school bus fires happen each year, though deaths are rare from such fire incidents.

Drivers in school bus must be well trained by the school district board to take immediate action, if they doubt any smoke or fire in any portion of the bus or even if the bus is near an existing fire and they are unable to move the bus away.

In such a scenario, take quick actions such as

  • Stop the bus in a safe area
  • Vacate the bus
  • Call Bus Dispatch number
  • Use fire extinguisher

Evacuate the bus

Organize students for a transfer to another school bus. School bus fire evacuation drills and training is important for drivers to rescue students from a burning bus.

Such drills can also help students to stay prepared in safely escaping from the bus. Students will be able to know when and how to evacuate as well as the relevance of evacuating in an orderly way.

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To evacuate the bus, drivers should –

  • Call for bus dispatch, shut off motor, set brake and remove key
  • Decide the right evacuation route, which ever you think is appropriate – let that be exit door, front or side doors, roof hatch or even windows.
  • Ensure that the attendees are helping students to get off safely and assemble everyone together
  • In case of time shortage, instruct students to leave their bags and other personal belongings on the bus and make sure that everyone has left
  • Leave the bus only after all the students leave and remember to take your cell phone as well as the first aid kit
  • Follow the correct student release procedures and do not re-enter the bus until recommended by the authorities
  • Follow correct transfer procedures, in case if you are transferring students to another bus. Ask them to move to that bus in an orderly manner, drivers should stay alert until the transfer is complete.
  • Designate older students to help the young ones in evacuation

Use fire suppression systems

Fire suppression systems can help to extinguish fire immediately. Such advanced systems release a mist or powder to extinguish the fire, when the temperature reaches a certain level.

Installation and testing of such fire suppression systems in engine compartments is now getting mandatory in buses as well as coaches.

These systems –

  • Provide extra time for students with disabilities to leave the bus
  • Can put out fire for rear-engine buses, even before driver might be aware of the incident

Maintenance staff and supervisors should also undergo thorough training during installation of such systems.

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School districts can take certain steps to prevent such incidents such as replacing old buses with new ones, either by purchasing them or by getting benefits from a lease program.

Drivers should be recommended to inspect their school buses daily before every trip, check for leaks and make sure that all exit doors open perfectly, making the bus ready for any such emergency situations.

10 Places To Buy A School Bus For Cheap

A detailed study has to be done when buying an old school bus to arrive at a wise decision.Traditionally buses were bought directly from previous users.

In this age of technology, the owners advertise the vehicle to be sold on internet sites making comparisons of the models of buses on sale easy. Bids for auctions can also be made online making the process simpler.

10 places to buy a school bus for cheap

1. Buses from schools

The best and the easiest place to find a used school bus are school districts or schools. These buses will be serviced and maintained regularly as the schools take safety of the children very seriously.

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First-hand information of the buses and assessment by mechanics who have been servicing the vehicle can be obtained. On the whole, the buses from schools tend to be well taken care of.It is advantageous to buy buses directly from school districts or schools.


This is a government auction site. They sell a varied range of products from building materials to musical instruments. The advantage of this site is that they show the contact information of the sellers of the product.

This helps in contacting them and assessing the product before placing the bid at the auction.


eBay is another place to search for a school bus. eBay provides a wider area of search and one can opt for local pick up. The biggest advantage of using eBay is that they have a money back policy.

If you don’t receive the item ordered, if the item is faulty or damaged, or if the features do not match the description all the money paid will be refunded.


Public Surplus is an auction site which is open to the general public. The businesses post their surplus items for sale and auction on this site.


They sell all sorts and types of surplus items in addition to buses. So their bids start very low. The auction items have detailed descriptions. They also mention who is auctioning the item. You can have a better idea of the condition of the bus before placing the bid.


This option enables one to find an affordable bus in the area closer to school. A thorough checking of the bus is recommended before actual purchase.

6. The Facebook marketplace

This is another version of Craigslist. This helps in finding a bus locally. It is beneficial to buyers who do not want to travel for purchases.


This site sells different types of buses. You can buy used buses or new. You can even build a bus to your requirement. The prices are slighter higher. But this place ensures that you are getting a bus that has been fully maintained and inspected for safety.

The site also offers finance options to pay for the bus. They have efficient customer service networks who respond promptly.

8. American Bus Sales

American Bus Sales has been a trusted supplier of used buses from 2004. They have a wide range of buses including Blue Bird, Thomas, Ford, Chevrolet, IC buses. Most of the buses they come with added benefits of a warranty.

9. National Bus Sales

National Bus Sales offers used school buses from a variety of brands including Blue Bird, Chevrolet, Collins, Ford, Starcraft, Thomas, Midbus, and Titan.

A search of their bus inventory for featured school buses will help in spotting the required vehicle. The benefit of buying from National Bus Sales is the extensive warranty support offered by them.

Most vehicles carry an existing manufacturer’s warranty, a two year drive train warranty and an additional warranty backed by National Bus Sales Quality Guarantee. They offer commercial warranties for school buses 10 years old.

10. Central States Bus

Central States Bus is a one-stop shop for school transportation needs. They deal in new and used buses. They have a stock of spare parts and accessories. They provide technical support. Their vehicles come with warranties.

Factors to be considered while buying an old school bus

The availability of used buses, suppliers of buses and technical and mechanical aspects have to be thoroughly checked before the actual purchase is made. A feasibility study is warranted to assess whether the overall cost is cheap and if the purchase is worth the money paid.

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In addition to seating capacity, comforts of the driver and condition of the vehicle, a look at the following factors in detail would be of immense help while buying an old school bus.

1. Look to suitable regions:

Buses being used in areas without snow and rain will be in better conditions. Rain and snow causes rust and faster deterioration of mechanical equipment. Buses plying in drier regions will have lesser chances of rusty parts.

2. Type of buses

There are front and rear engine buses. Front engine buses come at a lower cost and higher seating capacity. Rear engine buses are slightly more expensive and have a lower seating capacity.

3. Driver comfort

The conventional front engine buses have the engine in front of the driver. The drivers have to endure the heat which is uncomfortable. The drivers prefer rear engine buses.

The conventional front engine buses have the engine in front of the driver. The drivers have to endure the heat which is uncomfortable. The drivers prefer rear engine buses.

4. History of the bus

Knowledge of the number of years the bus has been in operation and the mileage covered gives a very basic idea about the condition of the bus.

Older buses in all probability would have had their engine or transmissions replaced. The date of replacement and details of equipment used has to be obtained.

5. Chassis and engine

The condition of the chassis determines the life of the bus. Ensuring the engine is in perfect condition is important. These two parts have the biggest cost factor.

6. Rust

In places where it snows heavily during winter the roads are heavily salted. This causes the vehicles to rust. Rains too cause rust on the metal parts partly due to ageing of the buses and partly due to the quality of the metal used. Rust spreads.

Most of the old school buses will have rust. The buyer needs to make sure that the rust is minimal and easy to remove.

7. Worn out tires

When school buses go on sale their tires would be worn out, it would be advisable to check the amount of tread left on them. Replacing four to six tires of a school bus would cost thousands and may not make the purchase viable.


On the contrary worn out tires can be used as pretext to lower the price of the bus given that everything else on the bus is in perfect working condition.

8. Fluid leaks

Check the underneath of the bus for leaks, cracked hoses, oils or other fluids. It would not be advisable to buy a bus that is found to be leaking.

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Fixing serious problems mechanical aspects in an old bus can become very expensive. It would be better to avoid buying buses with mechanical and engine problems however cheap they may be.

9. Battery condition

Bus batteries, per se, are very expensive to replace. An assessment of how old the battery is and when it was replaced is essential. It is better to check the battery for corrosion and leakage.

The battery compartment has to be corrosion free. The battery has to be in good working condition as the bus has to perform in varied weather conditions.