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What TrackSchoolBus Does?

Trackschoolbus is a venture by Edsys, a provider of all kinds of school educational systems. This venture is an answer to all parents and school authorities who has been searching for a solution addressing school bus safety concerns. Track school bus provides GPS school bus tracking systems to tackle student safety issues and thereby, ensure that students have a safe journey to and from their schools.

This is how Track school bus helps you, if you are a parent or a school authority

  • Provides real-time updates on school bus locations. School Bus Tracker sends alerts in the form of SMS, Android push notifications or iOS notifications and parents get to know about bus delays, over speeding, unscheduled bus stops or other emergencies.
  • School bus tracking systems help you to analyze the school drivers’ performance and to save money in terms of fuel and the like by providing you with reports on travel distance, travel speed, travel history etc.
  • In case you detect any abnormality, you can get in touch with the school bus driver
  • Helps you save energy and time by Automatic routing and planning and scheduling bus stops

Apart from tackling safety concerns effectively, trackschoolbus helps you to manage your school bus fleet effectively.

School authorities will be able to calculate better, more efficient routes with the help of the trackschoolbus software. It helps in reducing fuel consumption and improving overall efficiency of school bus fleets. Bus breakdowns and similar issues can be sorted out in quick time by using the school bus tracker.

The track school bus is also integrated with web parent portal and parent app, which are the other products of Edsys. These help track student whereabouts in real-time. Both web parent portal and parent app also help parents to track their children’s performance at school. They provide notifications to parents in numerous areas such as results of various examinations and tests, about various projects and works assigned to the students among others. Also, parents do not have to bother travelling to school for parent-teacher meetings. The school bus tracking system has a module that helps parents and teachers to stay in touch with each other through the communication center, which is present in both web parent portal and parent app to share their views and feedback. Also, parents can download and print study materials, which are available through web parent portal and parent app. Through web parent portal and parent app, Edsys intends to involve parents in their children’s education.

Thus the school bus tracking system helps parents, students and school authorities by helping to create a better, safer and more efficient school bus management.

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What TrackSchoolBus Does?
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